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One of the first questions posed to Prithviraj Sukumaran, who hails from Chennai in India, is how much he actually earns in a year. Prithviraj has been a professional actor since he was a child and has trained in various different aspects of the trade including acting. Even then, he never expected a career in acting and continued to study till he was an adult. After getting a degree in theatre from IIT Madras, Prithviraj gradually progressed into a successful one-man show, appearing in several popular Tamil movies over the years.

But it wasn’t until he began acting in mainstream Tamil movies that Prithviraj really began to receive widespread recognition in the Tamil community. In the late nineties, he was one of the main faces of Tamil cinema, with a number of iconic roles. Some of those roles included Kannan, Koothra Kastam, Kappar, Damboolam and more. And while Prithviraj has always remained a favorite among Tamils, his popularity soared even further in the twenty-first century, when he was in demand for the leading character in a high budget movie called “Iruvar”. It was this performance that catapulted him into stardom, and his name became synonymous with good film casting.

 Prithviraj Full biography

Full Name Prithviraj
Net Worth $4 million
Date of Birth 16 October 1982
Age 38 Years
Contact Number Unknown


But there is a reason why Prithviraj is now one of the most bankable actors in the Tamil film industry. His box-office success has largely owed its cyclical nature to his adaptability to various types of Tamil films. He is an excellent choice for lead or supporting roles in any type of film, be it a comedy, horror, thriller or family drama. He is not, however, the right fit for all genres, and is, therefore, better served by playing a character different from the one he has played before.

Prithviraj’s best known roles have been in mass media programs such as “Kemal Sooju” (airs), “Chhana”, “Nanban” and “Chankai” (programs). And among these, his finest work was the heartfelt supporting role of the young protagonist in the Nanban film, who had a poignant encounter with his father before meeting his beloved mother. The role was tailor-made for Prithviraj because his character had the mind of a young child. This experience gave him a unique insight into the mentality of the Tamil people. This character has been turned into a national hero.

Prithviraj’s most widely praised film is “Aadhita”. This award-winning Tamil film has been screened in more than thirty-nine countries and has proven to be a box-office hit. The story revolves around the exploration of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu by the anti-heroic anti-hero Ashok Kumar. Aadhita is not only a great actor, but also a great storyteller. A Hindutva actor, he is best known for his riveting portrayals of the downtrodden Scheduled caste, scheduled tribe and the powerful middle class women characters.

Another very good tamil movie star is Dinnanthan Kumar. Though he has yet to make a major career impact, this actor has established himself as one of the finest Tamil cinema performers with some fine performances. His first Tamil film “Nanban” was based on the life of his mentor Madhuswa Pillai, a freedom fighter and committed anti-racist. The movie went on to become a high grossing gem. Now, Dinnanthan is known for his roles in more contemporary Hindi movies like “Mankatha”, “Chak De! India “and the ongoing” Chak De! Pakistan”.