R. N. Sudarshan Net Worth 2022, Age, Weight , Height, Income

R. N. Sudarshan is the most bankable Tamil actor and the second most bankable Hindi actor after R.ishy Balakumatishmin. R. N. has three feature films in his credit; “Shodh”, “Neel Kamal’s Kamal”, and “Chinn” all of which did moderately well in the box office. R. N. did not win any Film Farewell prizes but did bag a Best Actor award for his role in “Neel Kamal’s Kamal”.

R. N. has a very good filmography, both in mainstream and regional cinema, and his films are definitely better than those of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movies. R. N. has had some critical acclaim and praise for his roles in “Chinn”, “Kamal”, “Chikni”, “Bhumika”, and “Kamal”. R. N. is well liked by the film fraternity and has made some truly memorable films.

R. N. Sudarshan Full Biography

Full Name R. N. Sudarshan
Net Worth
$1 million – $6 million
Date of Birth May 2, 1939
Age 82Years
Contact Number Unknown

R. N. has a very interesting career so far. He has portrayed terrorists in two popular thrillers and is due to appear in “Singh sa Kavleet” soon. R. N. was married to Priya Paul, the former wife of Yash Chopra, who was one of the most sought after actresses in Bollywood. R. N. has also tried his hand at acting in mainstream films like “Singh sa Kavleet”, “Chikni” and “Endhiran”.

R. N. has a Net Worth of about 45 millions. This is according to the Indian currency exchange rate of $US 6ffee. R. N. was born in Hyderabad in India and is one of the oldest South Indians. R. N. Net Worth is calculated based on the Net Present value of his present age – sixty-one years. R. N. Net Worth had earned considerable amounts in the past as well. His career is a success owing largely to his ever-growing Net Worth.

R. N. has made two movies that have achieved positive reviews amongst the critics. R. N. was featured in the crime thriller “Chikni” with Anushka Shehnani. The Hindi film “Chikni” went on to bag greater sales and was the second highest earning Hindi film ever. R. N. was also nominated for an Oscar for his contribution towards the film.

R. N. is known for his versatility as an actor and he has been able to portray different characters, both good and bad. R. N. has always worked in high demand films and has never missed out on any opportunity to be a part of a Hindi movie. He has managed to establish himself in the industry. There are many other actors who have managed to establish their Net Worth in the same way R. N. has done. Therefore, R. N. is an actor who is not only popular among the Hindi masses but also is sought after by all other types of people due to his consistent Net Worth.