Radhika Pandit Net Worth,-2022 Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Radhika Pandit is one of the widely known faces of South India. This Indian actress has been famous for over a decade now. Her films have been box-office hits in India and abroad. Her name is synonymous with success not just in her acting skills but in various production and development industries as well. To know about Radhika’s net worth, you need to know a bit about her life and career.

Radhika Pandit Net Worth: How Much Earnings Can I Expect to Make With Radhika Pandit? This question often crops up whenever one is talking about Radhika. She is a movie actress that has built a strong and noteworthy film portfolio. Radhika’s net worth or overall income is said to be in excess of a million dollars.

Radhika Pandit Full biography

Full Name Radhika Pandit
Net Worth  11.9 crores.
Date of Birth  7 March 1984
Age 37 Years
Contact Number Unknown


Most people who are in the film industry do not consider her to be much in terms of net worth. However, her achievements have made her a brand in India. The first part of her name was originally “Radha” which was given by her father to honour his dead wife. Over the last seven decades, she has shown remarkable performance in more than a dozen films, winning several awards for her performances.

The role of Radha in the film franchise titled as “Mankatha” has earned Radhika a reputation of being one of the best leading ladies in the industry today. Her other films include “Singh in King”, “Shiva” and “Chak De! India”. The last of these movies earned her a combined amount of four 1 million dollar films. The next installment of her “Singh in King” franchise is scheduled for release in 2021.

The success of Radhika Pandit as an Indian movie actress has also made her an eligible candidate for the most prestigious award in the country – the Padma Award. This is the highest award, the award has been known for giving out. The recipient is generally the one, who has accomplished the most outstanding contributions to the development of the arts in the country. The last time the award was conferred was during the year 1996. Out of all the people who are up for the award, only five people were eligible for the honor; Radhika Pandit is one of them.

Today, she lives in a palace called the Meenakshi Srinagar. She is the second most famous movie actress from India after Aishwarya Rai. Her fans all over the world visit her many times. Due to her varied talents and her amazing facial features, she became one of the favorites in the Indian film industry and she has been awarded various other awards as well.