Ragini Chandran Net Worth-2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Ragini Chandran Net Worth: Ragini has been developing her acting skills in many films over the last few years. She has appeared in a number of high profile films such as Happy Days, MIB: Milne etc. Her popularity rose with her appearance in Happy Days. After that, she began acting in TV series such as Hero, M.S.H., L.A.S.H., and many more. In all these shows, she has shown excellent acting skills which helped her gain fame andeminarily, made her a millionaire.

Currently, Ragini’s net worth is increasing consistently, and she is worth $10 million dollars. At the age of 21, she is now one of the youngest, richest actresses in the planet. Her name is associated with a hit action-adventure movie called ‘Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan’. This movie was directed by Gene Roddenberry and released in the yearning year of 1977. Although the movie did not receive good reviews at the time of its release, it later became a huge hit and went on to win three Golden Globes for Best Motion Picture – Drama. This was just one of the few ray heroes to get an Oscar nomination.

Ragini Chandran Full biography

Full Name Ragini Chandran
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Date of Birth 21 July 1990
Age 31 Years
Contact Number Unknown


Ragini’s other notable films include Mankatha, Bhumika in India, Kill Bill: Volume 1, Manali, Kaho surname, and several others. Even though some of her movies are not very popular, they did manage to create the franchise which is now known as the Ragini franchise. These include the Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Manali, Bridesmaids, and countless others. The Harry Potter, Mankatha, and Bhumika franchises have earned millions of dollars worldwide. All these three movies made Ragini Chandran one of the most popular Indian actresses of all time.

According to her bio-page on the World Wide Web site, Ragini was born in 1969 in a village called Bhumika in the state of Karnatake. She was said to be extremely close to her father who was a tribal leader. Her mother always encouraged her to pursue her education, and even took the trouble of getting her married, so that she could continue her studies and be able to follow her dreams. It is said that she has always had blue eyes and brown hair, which make her one of the more common choices for a makeup artist these days. As far as her educational qualification is concerned, it says that she finished high school but did not continue her education to earn her degree as she felt it was not important enough to gain world wide recognition as an actress.

However, according to one profile, Ragini has tried her hand at several movie roles, and it seems that the experience she gained playing different characters in various movies has left her with a very impressive net worth. She has appeared in some movies that have won awards, such as Paris Hilton’s ‘The Perfect Match’, which made her the first ever woman to win an Academy Award for her role. Apart from this, she has also been nominated thrice for Golden Globes, which says a lot about her popularity as an actor. She has also won Grammys for the same award, which further underlines her importance as a true performer.

Now that she has finally come out of the shadow of her parent’s marriage, it is expected that she will receive an Oscar nomination along with the usual accolades. With this much acclaim, one can only expect good things for Ragini. The only thing that remains to be seen is whether she will manage to live up to the expectations, or whether there will be any flops. Judging by the looks of her Facebook page, one can safely say that she will manage to do just that. Till now, we will have to wait and see, but one thing is for sure, as long as her net worth continues to grow, one will be able to expect even more from her.