Rajesh Hebbar Net Worth 2022, Income, Age, Height, & Weight

Rajesh Hebbar is a prominent Malayalam actor who plays the character of Rajesh, in Rajeshwaranasan teleplay “Nanban”. He is from Southern India. Rajesh is widely recognized for his Rajesh Burmanese Kada movie and Rajesh HebbarNet TV serials. Rajesh is the father of Sneh, a leading actress in Rajeshwaranasan teleplay, and has two other children. He is said to be earning very well, even in the late stages of his career.

Rajesh Hebbar Net Worth

Rajesh Hebbar Net Worth is  $ USD 8 Million

Rajesh was nominated for the Best Actor award at the 1996 Satellite Awards in America. He is one of the best known Indian actors who have acted in more than a hundred films. In terms of earnings, Rajesh is not even in the same league as big names like Aishwarya Rai or Sharukh Khan. Rajesh is a low budget actor and has rarely if ever acted in high budget movies.

Rajesh Hebbar Full Biography

Full Name Rajesh Hebbar
Net Worth $ USD 8 Million
Date of Birth November 18, 1967
Age 53 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Rajesh Hebbar was born in Benaulim, Kerala, the state of India. Rajesh is said to be a quiet man who does not engage in any talk about his personal life. In fact, his only onscreen appearance was in Rajeshwaranasan TV series. He had appeared earlier in the Telugu movie “Kamal” which had a running time of more than two hours. Rajesh is a quiet man, yet he manages to exude a sense of strength and intelligence that is required of an actor in Rajeshwaranasan movies.

According to Rajesh, he is earning okay compared to the salary received by other actors. However, he is candid to state that he wants to work in a bigger company someday. To date, Rajesh has been able to gemstone success due to his engaging performance in his two films “Mankatha” and “Chak De! “.

Even as he is still relatively new in the industry, Rajesh has already managed to secure leading roles in two leading Hindi films “Yehana”, and “Manali”. It was then that he decided to try for something else apart from acting. While on a film set in Goa, Rajesh managed to get himself nominated for an Oscar for his first ever role in a film. This was followed by him winning the best actor award at the Oscars for his role in Manali.

Rajesh is yet to be nominated for any other awards. His most accomplished role so far is his contribution to the National Geographic channel’s reality show “Dancing with the Stars”. Rajesh was one of the many contestants that became famous through this program. Being a contestant on such a popular show has given Rajesh an opportunity to show off what he can do and how handsome he is, which is what makes his net worth so high.

Rajesh has also been nominated three times for an Oscar for his contributions to the film industry. And his acting skills have made him very famous too. And this is how Rajesh has become very rich. Rajesh Hebbar has been described as the kind of a born star that creates magic with every role that he plays. So, those who are interested in knowing about Rajesh Hebbar and how he came to be so successful should definitely watch his movies to know more about the man.