Rajinikanth Net Worth 2022-Salary, Income & biography

Rajeev Parameshwar, an award winning Tamil actor most known for his two lovable characters, Mr. Subbul sahib and his alter ego Dev. Rajeev has portrayed Mr. Subbul in five blockbuster films, four of which have been immensely successful. The other two films, Apu the Inheritor and Mankatha have both received lucrative responses from the film fraternity and have created strong contenders for the best ever filmography in the Tamil cinema. Rajeev has consistently maintained a positive Rajinikanth fan following and continues to be a cordial friend and confidante of the late Rajinikanth. Most film critics however are divided on the subject and debate if Rajeev is truly a true artist or merely a glorified commercial actor par excellence. Rajeev’s extensive resume speaks for itself and shows how skillful and convincing Rajeev is at portraying human emotion and achieving the desired effect on the audience.

Rajinikanth Net Worth

Rajinikanth Net Worth is 50 Million USD.

Rajeev’s first and foremost appeal is undoubtedly his Rajinikanth films. Fans of Rajinikanth will vouch for Rajeev’s acting skills and that he has a unique talent for portraying characters which are often very difficult to sympathize with. While some critics laud Rajinikanth’s acting skills, they also lament Rajeev’s over the top baring of his skin and the frequent use of profanities. Rajeev’s fans though do not share this view. They point out that Rajeev is simply a man with a big heart and who wishes to spread joy and happiness irrespective of the terrain he visits or the people he interacts with.

Rajinikanth Full Biography

Full Name Rajinikanth
Net Worth 50 Million USD.
Date of Birth December 12, 1950
Age 70 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Rajeev’s next two films, where he starred alongside Kamal Amrohi as Ajit and Priyadarshan as Parasuraj have ensured good box office returns for Rajeev. Rajinikanth’s two previous films, “Rana” and “Mankatha” were both commercial flops. The latter film flopped largely due to Rajinikanth’s controversial portrayal of women in the film. Thehra Pradesh Gold Rush where Rajinikanth starred along with Prem Chopra and Madhubala Chopra was a flop as well. However, the charm of Rajinikanth’s filmography was never lost and he was able to woo a new batch of fans with “Yodana” while promoting “Vishnu: The Beginning.”

Rajeev’s three most recent films, “Singh In” with Suraj Badhjaani and “Iruvar” with Anushka Shetty have received good reviews from film critics and Rajeev has emerged as one of the most bankable celebrities in India today. Rajeev’s star name and his success continue to draw in hordes of fans across the country. Even, though Rajeev’s last film “Kurban” flopped upon release, the actor has been undeterred and is set to release his next Rajneeti film “Kurban 2” this winter. With a net worth of Rs 85 million (Rs 5.2 billion), Rajeev has certainly earned his place as one of the biggest stars in entertainment today.

A Rajneeti film includes Rajinikanth’s trademark style of over-the-top acting and giddiness that have endeared him to fans the world over. Most of Rajinikanth’s films have been on multiplexes but ” Tamil cinema ” has been his biggest flop till date. ” Tamil cinema” includes Rajinikanth’s three installments ” Chennai Express ” starring Vijay and “Endhiran” starring Anushka Shetty that flopped on release. The reviews upon release were lukewarm with most critics commenting that Rajinikanth’s acting had become very ‘Shyam’ for some people. Even while the reviews were not too harsh upon release, word got out that Rajinikanth’s acting skills could not live up to what was expected from him and this has put off Rajinikanth’s film production.

The best way to judge any star’s performance is how they fair in the company of renowned actors and actresses. Rajinikanth’s films have been trapped by Ranbir Kapoor and Kamal Amrohi and are considered amongst the best ever Rajinikanth film. Rajinikanth’s films have inspired several other artists such as AP Kalari and APK Dowali among others in the director’s industry. Rajinikanth’s films have given hope to new artists as well and are an inspiration to all those who dream of becoming a director. Rajinikanth’s film career may not be at its peak, but he is definitely an artiste whose films will go down as classics for years to come.