Rakim Mayers Net Worth 2022,Income, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Rakim Mayers is an American hip-hop artist and singer who was born in Scarborough, Florida. Rakim Mayers Net Worth is not a sure thing by any means. Rakim Mayers Net Worth is most likely to be the most expensive of all net worth figures attributed to Rakim Mayers. Rakim Mayers net worth was reportedly calculated at somewhere around five million dollars.

Rakim Mayers career began when Rakim started rapping at the age of sixteen. Rakim Mayers Net Worth is based upon the six million us dollars that Rakim Mayers makes annually. The six million us dollars is made from selling Rakim Mayers CDs that he releases each year. Rakim Mayers also has his solo albums which have sold well too. There is even an opera version of Rakim Mayers entitled as Rakim Mayers and His Rakim Angels.

Rakim Mayers Full Biography

Full Name Rakim Mayers
Net Worth $10 Million
Date of Birth October 3, 1988
Age 32 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Rakim Mayers has had eighteen singles released over the years and they have consistently sold very well. The six million US dollars that Rakim Mayers makes is from selling these singles. Rakim Mayers career is a colorful one that has spanned not only the United States but also England and also Singapore. Rakim Mayers Net worth is made from selling CD’s that he releases each year as well as from the six million US dollars that Rakim Mayers makes from his singles. Rakim Mayers career spans the color black and the music is mainly centered around the American cultural icon “Rakim Fly.”

Rakim Mayers schooling and background are largely unknown, although he is said to be a product of the crackpot cultural experiment that happened at the Harlem Renaissance School. Rakim Mayers is not a very well-paid singer but he has made forty consecutive number ones in the chart of the United States. Rakim Mayers Net worth is not too sure since it is difficult to verify his net worth because no Rakim Mayers related website has been set up and there are no listings in the yellow pages with the telephone numbers.

Rakim Mayers career is truly remarkable in that he is able to combine the hit making techniques of the urban artists such as Rakimitus and Dot Da Genius into the music that he is making. Rakim Mayers is not well known within the industry as his music is not well received by the industry insiders. This is probably because of his colorful style of singing and making the Rakim Mayers tapes are not well received among the mainstream industry insiders. He has made eleven films and all but one of them have been successful.

Rakim Mayers Net Worth is not quite clear, but we do know that Rakim Mayers is making a lot of movies. His role in the movie Kill Bill was particularly praiseworthy. So far Rakim Mayers age is still unknown but we do know that he is fifty years old and his net worth is not bad at all.