Ram Charan Net Worth, -2022Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

A well-known Tamil actor, Ram Charan is popularly known as Ram Groom in the mainstream Tamil film industry. He has been nominated twice for best actor (Cinematography and Best Actor) at the Cine award ceremonies. His first two films “Kattom” (Cinematography),” Chennai Mood” (actor) and “E Tamil” (actors) have done very well. In fact, Ram Charan’s name is very much associated with Tamil cinema, and almost every Tamil movie role thereafter carries some or the other mark of his name, such as his name on the posters, his picture on the DVDs, and in some cases, even his screen name. So how much do we know about Ram Charan and his income?

We know that Ram Groom’s salary is moderate, considering the nature of his work. He generally appears in more than three to four films a year and receives a substantial amount of money for those roles. But what is Ram Charan’s net worth? Is he earning enough? How much do we actually know about him?

Ram Charan Full biography

Full Name Ram Charan
Net Worth  175 Million USD,
Date of Birth March 27, 1985
Age 36 Years
Contact Number Unknown


First, let us look at what we do know about Ram Charan. According to reports, Ram Groom is earning a good amount of money from his two Tamil movies. His role in “E Tamil” earned him about Rs. 2021 while starring alongside Okay Visitor, an excellent actress from India. The movie did quite well in the box office, despite its comparatively slow pace and limited plot. It was a box office success due to the presence of excellent actors.

Another important actor, Ram Groom’s co-actor, turns out to be an excellent Tamil actor too. This is Kumarakom’s Rana. Since Ram Groom’s Net Worth is not much high as compared to Kumarakom’s, we can conclude that both these actors are reasonably well-paid. If one looks at Kumarakom’s previous film “Kattu”, one will find that the actor has been paid very well for this role.

Though Ram Groom’s Net Worth is higher than Kumarakom’s, both of them are relatively unknown in the international film industry. Even though their names are hardly known in the American and English film industry, they are much more popular in the Tamil community, giving them a common platform to showcase their talents. However, it is not yet clear whether these two stars have achieved their desired success in their profession. In any case, both of these fine actors deserve our appreciation for their fine performances.

Other than these two outstanding actors, there are other equally talented Tamil actresses like Priyadarshan Sahoo, Madhubala, Thiagarajana, Alok Bal, Dinnanath, and Kanakalingam, who have gained appreciation in the American and Indian films. Alok Bal is a notable exception in this regard. As a member of the main cast in “Endhiran”, Alok earned decent amount of money. Madhubala also did well in her films. Alok and Madhubala are two of the younger Tamil actresses, who have been making movies for the last few decades. These youngsters have created a good platform for themselves by being awarded with various awards, which is a great tribute to their acting abilities.