Randy Orton Net Worth 2021 – Income, Salary & Earnings

Randy Orton Net Worth Is $11 Million

Randy Orton is one of the brightest lights in the WWE and has established himself as a top star. He is also well known for his challenging attitude on the microphone and the nastiness he displays off the stage. He’s not shy about telling everyone that he sucks. Randy Orton is an interesting example of how some wrestlers try to be more than what they are in the ring. He is one of those wrestlers who not only wants to be a star, but a superstar.

How much does Randy Orton actually earn per pay day? Well, that all depends on what you consider to be income. Randy Orton makes about $400k per pay day. This number is calculated using the typical wrestler salaries which include signing bonuses and various taxes depending on where you live and how high you sign per contract. Not surprisingly, Randy Orton tops the list in terms of income from this venue.

So, how does this guy earn his six figure salary? It seems as though Randy Orton has a very unique gimmick of not really being in the ring too much and not trying too hard. In most cases, his entrance music is the crowd’s beverage of choice. If he’s standing on the microphone, he’s talking to whoever will listen to him. Some of his trademark catch phrases are “I’m here to make the big bucks” and “I’m a bad boy but a good boy new girl.”

While it’s impossible to say that Randy Orton is a real life super star, some people do look that way. Randy Orton’s willingness to be an extra part of the WWE show instead of a full-time wrestler, and his non WCW gimmick have both made him into a star and turned him into a true WWE superstar. The question of how much does Randy Orton make is a legitimate one to answer. It seems as though there is no definite answer, as WWE’s pay structures just don’t allow for one wrestler to earn a huge sum of money without actually winning a match.

Randy Orton’s willingness to take a pay check from the company, while they still owe him money, has also created a level of resentment toward the company among some of its wrestlers. Many wrestlers feel as if they are “needed” by the company, but they are unable to receive any kind of pay off. This often leads to a lot of tension in the locker room when an issue arises because it’s obvious that WWE can come and take any wrestler without any repercussions. Randy Orton fits into this mold perfectly. He’s given WWE a huge boost with his consistent winning streak, and he seems to be willing to work at whatever angle they need to for the sake of his own paycheck.

So, the question of how much does Randy Orton worth is something that should be answered by the man himself. If you have ever watched wrestling you know that it is almost impossible to judge a wrestler solely by their on-screen abilities. Randy Orton fits into the mold of a true WWE star, and it’s obvious that he wants to continue to work his way up the ladder of success. But the question still remains… how much does Randy Orton actually make?