Ravi Raghavendra Net Worth 2022, Income, Age, Height, & Weight

Ravi Raghavendra Tamil actor has some good educational qualifications and is relatively well off with an excellent income. There are many similarities and differences between Ravi Raghavendra and our current President, Obama of USA. Ravi Raghavendra Tamil actor’s net worth is estimated to be around Rs 2 crores. Ravi Raghavendra Tamil actor’s (born December 15, 1982) name has been associated with tamil since decades and is best known for his varied roles in Bollywood movies such as Bharat, Kabhi Khan and Jai Dhumal.

Ravi Raghavendra has always been open about his humble origins and that he was an orphan. He joined Army by the time he was 18 years old and was in the army for 21 years before he decided to get out of it. After retirement, Ravi Raghavendra then pursued acting professionally and landed himself in Hollywood where he honed his acting skills and became a popular name in the Hindi movie fraternity. Ravi Raghavendra’s income is estimated to be around Rs 1.5 crores annually. Ravi Raghavendra has several films in the pipeline that will help him attain even higher R & B earnings.

Ravi Raghavendra Full Biography

Full Name Ravi Raghavendra
Net Worth $1 Million approx
Date of Birth January 1, 1962
Age 59 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Ravi Raghavendra Tamil actor’s first leading role in a Hindi movie was Manjishtha (edly Manjiri) in Magadheera. Ravi Raghavendra was then cast in a number of other well-received films including Kedar ki Jawani, Apne and Kyaapono. Rajinikanth is yet to receive an award from an awards ceremony for his contribution to Indian Cinema. Even after making multiple appearances in Tamil cinema, Rajinikanth has not yet received any honors from any Filmfare Awards or any other recognition for his significant contribution to Indian Cinema.

Ravi Raghavendra Tamil actor has made some controversial statements regarding his favorite Tamil Films. Ravi has always claimed that Apne was his favorite Tamil film, which he starred in along with S.S. Rajamouli’s Dagon (1999). The director Shankar one of the most prominent Tamil directors has always denied that Ravi played any leading role in Apne. Ravi has also said that Rajinikanth was given extra time to prepare for his Ranga (personal movie) which was a remake of Kannan (The Robot) starring S.S. Rajamouli. Though Rajinikanth has appeared in at least three remake movies, all of them have been hitched to different studios. Ravi has made no efforts to be part of those movies in any way.

Ravi’s star drama ‘Endhiran’ or ‘The Robot’ did not do well at the box office. However, the Hindi film “Endhiran” did manage to rake in some revenue. Rajinikanth was once in the midst of a rumor making for a cameo role in “Harry Potter” Movie. However, it turned out that Ravi would not have been able to take on such a complex character as a wizard in the Harry Potter series.

A Tamil film “Nanban” or “The Robot” star turns to a cameo in Ravi’s film “Endhiran”. Ravi is expected to make more Tamil movies in future. One can only hope that we will see more good from Ravi Raghavan. Let us wait and then give our blessings to this tamil genre for another great turn.