Raymond Burr Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Age & Biography

Raymond Burr was born in Brooklyn, New York City. At age three his parents divorced and he was raised by grandparents. At the age of five his family moved to Connecticut where Raymond became an attention grabbing child star known for his carefree manner and on-screen persona. He appeared in a number of movies including National Lampoon’s Animal House ( 1982) and Saturday Night Fever ( 1984). After leaving Hollywood, Raymond Burr moved back to Los Angeles and appeared in several more films including Top Five ( 1986), Grease ( 1988), Grease 2 (1990) and Edward Scissorhands ( 1993).

Raymond Burr Net Worth

Raymond Burr Net Worth is $15 Million

Raymond Burr was also one of the biggest draw card stars of the seventies and eighties, thanks in no small part to his acting abilities and his physique. A proven on-screen personality and physical performer, Ray has been able to attract audiences both male and female. He has been married three times, the first of which to Lisa Kramer while the second was to Lisa Marie Phelps. As of this writing, Raymond Burr has had six children with actress/writer/ produceraryn Cartwright.

 Raymond Burr Full Biography

Full Name  Raymond Burr
Net Worth $15 Million
Date of Birth 1917–1993
Age 76 Years
Contact Number Unknown

There are several factors that may impact Raymond Burr’s current net worth. One of these is his height. At the present time, Raymond is listed at 6 feet 4 inches and he is believed to be in his late thirties. Because of this, some people believe that he may be closer to a six or seven foot height, but according to Raymond’s publicist, Tom Wheeler, Raymond’s real Height is five feet nine inches.

Another of the factors that may contribute to Raymond Burr’s current popularity is his association with famous entertainer Madonna. Raymond has appeared on several of Madonna’s records and he is even mentioned as one of her backup singers when she was a lead singer with the revolutionary band, The Supremes. Raymond has also released several solo singles and has written several well received songs that were recorded by other artists. Because of this exposure, many people think that Raymond Burr has a much higher net worth than is actually the case. This is largely due to the fact that his music sales have always ranked very high in the chart of popular TV actors and actresses.

The final of the factors that will help determine Raymond Burr’s net worth is his family details. Raymond and his wife have a son called Ronald Tutturro who is twenty years old. His other two siblings are also named Ron and Kathy. There is also another son called Raymond Joseph Tutturro who was about four years old when Raymond joined the theatre and this younger brother was named Raymond Joseph Jr. Though there are not a lot of current public records available concerning Raymond and his family, there is one that comes immediately to mind: his name in the yearbook of Raymond Burr Senior High School which is taken from an article that was printed in the student newspaper and mentions Raymond as one of the students who won a spelling bee contest that year.

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