Reena Kensington Net Worth 2021- Salary, Income & Earnings

Wrestler, and entertainer, Wrestler Maehan Joseph is known for being among the favorites among the female wrestlers in WWE. This is especially true when she was first seen working alongside former WWE Diva, Aksana. Recently, she has gone on to have an affair with another man. Many people have been wondering, how much is Meiko Maehan worth? I decided to use the internet to do a little research about this so I could get the answers I was looking for. Below are the results of my investigation.

Reena Kensington Net Worth Is $700,000 USD

Most people who have been in wrestling in the past have been informed that Meiko Maehan is not exactly what you call a star. In fact, her career started off as a heel. The reason I say this is because she was not given much importance by the company she joined. This is understandable though, because WWE had just begun to promote women’s divisions.

It was apparent though, that she was talented. When Aksana left the WWE, she was replaced by Meiko. From that point on, she became a big time threat to Divas such as A-Train, Summer Kaylee, and Bambino. She consistently defeated these top dogs and made a name for herself as one of the best in the business.

Now, that she is no longer in the main event scene, how much does she earn per pay-per-view rating? Well, some have estimated her earnings to be in the millions yearly. On top of that, she also hosts a talk show called “WWE Fashion On Parade” on MTV. This is a segment that is advertised during pay-per-view events and is extremely popular among young women.

Some people might wonder how A-Train and Summer have made such large earnings off of just their performances in WWE. They got where they are by sheer determination. Vince McMahon recognized A-Train’s talent and gave her a chance at being a world class performer. Even with relatively low pay-per-view ratings, A-Train was able to build up an impressive net worth.

The next time you hear A-Train or Summer, ask yourself if they would be where they are today if it were not for WWE. If you do not know who these wrestlers are, I suggest you search them out on the internet. You will soon discover that A-Train and Summer are some of the biggest paid female wrestlers in the world. There is no doubt in my mind that they would still be performing today if it were not for WWE. So take a minute and find out who they are now. You will not be disappointed.