Richard Chevolleau Net Worth 2022- Weight, Height, Salary, Age & Biography

Richard Chevolleau net value: Richard Chevolleau is an English actor who has a gross net worth of approximately $20 million dollars. He is currently one of the most wealthy actors in Hollywood. Richard Chevolleau was actually born in Hackney, East London, in 1969. Richard began acting in British television plays and films such as “Cheap Thrills” and “The Richard Simmons Show.” Richard also did voice-overs for a number of animated films and television series.

Richard Chevolleau Net Worth

Richard Chevolleau Net Worth is $20 Million

Richard Chevolleau biography: Richard Chevolleau has been portrayed in a number of famous films and TV series including; “MacGyver,” “Bodyguard,” and “Heroes.” Richard Chevolleau has also achieved success in the music scene as a member of the punk band “Riot Squad.” Richard Chevolleau’s most well-known role to-date has been in the television drama “Heroes.” Richard Chevolleau’s other notable roles include “MacGyver” in the film “MacGyver” and “Read My Mind” in the TV series “Heroes.”

Richard Chevolleau Full Biography

Full Name Richard Chevolleau
Net Worth $20 Million
Date of Birth October 1966
Age 55 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Richard Chevolleau family history: Richard Chevolleau’s family was originally from France. Richard’s father was a French soldier during World War I. Richard’s mother was from a wealthy English family. Richard’s two older brothers were also soldiers and Richard spent much of his youth living with his grandparents in their rural home in France.

Richard’s most important early years were spent in a foster home for troubled boys. Richard spent a good deal of time there as a child and as an adult he continued to live in the family home. Richard Chevolleau biography is all about his life in the home. Richard’s net worth is all about his life as an author and the biographies that he has written.

Richard Chevolleau trivia: Richard was born in Barbados, Jamaica. Richard was a popular child actor in Hollywood during the 1960’s and into the lateeties. Richard Chevolleau trivia will show that Richard Chevolleau served in the Canadian army in both World War II and the Korean War as a member of the Army Air Corp. Richard Chevolleau also did well as a writer and actor in Hollywood. Richard Chevolleau played the role of MacGyver in the movie “Rocket Boys” and also appeared in Richard Nixon’s infamous ‘dirty tricks’ movie ‘Amanpourne’.

Richard Chevolleau family’s net worth comes from Richard’s many honors. Richard received many awards including four Academy Awards including Best Actor (Movie) for Richard Nixon for his role as MacGyver in ‘Amanpourne’. Richard Chevolleau trivia will show that Richard Chevolleau lived in Jamaica up until he was 55 years old. Richard Chevolleau’s son Jeffery is now a established director with credits on films such as “Get Shorty”, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, and “Cable Guy”.