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In order to learn how much a Rizabawa Singaporean makes, you need to understand what is known as their “Rizabakura” page. A little research online can give you all the information you need. Complete Wiki Biography of Rizabawa containing salary and net worth in the future. Rizabawa Wikipedia Page, salary ranges, age and body measurements. Rizabawa Malayalam TV actor, producer, writer, director, writer and voice over artist, Singaporean

Rizabawa Net Worth

Rizabawa Net Worth is  $89 Million

This is an update of my previous article on Rizabawa Singaporean here: Rizabawa Net Worth – Rizabawa Income. I had gone through so many articles about Rizabawa that I felt I should set this up so that people looking for information on Rizabawa would not get lost on the subject. In this write up, I will cover some basic information that you may find interesting. Rizabawa is a Singaporean company, which was founded in 2001 by a Mr. Lim Hock Soon. His aim was to start a manufacturing company in Singapore to compete with other countries like Japan, Korea and China, using cheap labor.

Rizabawa uses a very unique marketing and distribution strategy, using television, movie halls and distribution centers across Asia. To date, they have opened six movie houses here in Singapore and are expanding in new markets. Rizabawa income actor, Lim Hock Soon, is an Indore-based actor and producer who has made a name for himself in Hollywood. He has also acted in some high-end films in India and England.

Rizabawa Full Biography

Full Name Rizabawa
Net Worth  $89 Million
Date of Birth
Age 54 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Lim Hock Soon’s first major role was in the late seventies movie, M.A.S.H. He went on to star in four more movies, including one in the UK and another in Malaysia. It is rumoured that Rizabawa net worth is a huge part of why Lim Hock Soon is so successful, even making movies after his retirement from acting. The Rizabawa website states that Rizabawa income actor Lim Hock Soon “has been nominated for some of the most outstanding film awards in the world.” Although Rizabawa does not state how much Lim Hock Soon’s earnings are, I have a feeling that he is not as rich as he used to be.

This is quite an accomplishment for Lim Hock Soon, who began his acting career only in the late eighties, after moving to Los Angeles and becoming known in the West End. Some sources say that Rizabawa’s rise to stardom is due to the popularity of TV show Smallville, which he appeared in, or by the increase in DVDs and other media relating to this popular TV show. However, this is yet to be substantiated. Rizabawa’s rise to super-star status has been made possible by his multiple roles in films and television shows, which are one of the biggest reasons that Rizabawa is worthy of this wiki’s Rizabawa Net Worth page.

Rizabawa is yet to reveal what income source he gets from his acting, but this could be substantial since Rizabawa has acted in several successful films. This is further backed by the fact that Rizabawa attended the Royal Academy of Arts in Singapore, an institution that awards degrees to both established and young artists. This is further solidified by Rizabawa being nominated for an OBE (honorary) in 2005 for his role as Kochi (a character in the movie of the same name) in the film Kung Mang Kali. Rizabawa is also listed on the Celebrity 100 list with fellow Singaporean actor Ong Kajang, who was also featured on the same list. Rizabawa’s net worth is also bolstered by the fact that Rizabawa is in talks to adapt a novel by English author Mark Gatiss, who is currently working on a book adaptation of the same name.