Rob Archer Net Worth 2021- Salary, Income & Biography

Rob Archer is a successful Canadian actor known for his roles in the movie Rob Roy, Bridget Jones Diary and Kung Mangai. He was born in Scarborough, Ontario and grew up in Etobicoke, North York, Canada. Although he is of West African descent, Rob has kept his appearance relatively modern even though he always has been self-conscious about his appearance. For most of his life, Rob has been able to maintain a low profile considering that he prefers to keep movies for his stage performances, rather than movies for television. But now, Rob is finally making his foray into the world of Hollywood with the release of Kung Mangai.

Rob Archer Net Worth

Rob Archer Net Worth is $ 1 million

Rob Archer Net Worth Rob Archer’s real name is Rob Archer, but it is pronounced Rob is an alternative spell used by Rob and his friends to refer to Rob, the only one of them who can pronounce his name correctly (Rob meansrose in French). Rob is originally from Scarborough and moved to Etobicoke when he was six years old. Since then, Rob has maintained a low profile, avoiding any sort of publicity, except for a brief stint in the late eighties where he appeared in a music video. This brief appearance earned him a role on the television series Degrassi, which has enabled him to develop a strong following among young people in Toronto.

Rob’s first and most popular role was in the movie Rob Reiner’s Welcome Back Kotter, in which he plays the title role of Kotter. For almost a decade, Rob has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role and has accumulated additional accolades including wins for his performances in the movies Bridget Jones Diary and Kung Mangai. Now, Rob is back with a vengeance! On the upcoming third film in his Kung Mangai trilogy, Rob will play Jack O’Brien, a leader of the People’s army, and the son of the late General Bob Leeks. Expect some martial arts and drama! As for his net worth, Rob is said to be earning over a million each year, and is well paid for his roles.

Rob ArcheĀ Full Biography

Full Name Rob Arche
Net Worth $1 Million
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Contact Number Unknown

Rob has also had some screen time on the television series 24, playing the volatile Dr. Addison Montgomery, whose on-screen husband has been killed by her own son. For this role, Rob was nominated for an Emmy award, so this little role arguably paved the way for Rob to grow into the actor he is today. Rob’s other popular and notable works include the film Invictus, and the series Men in Black. For those who have seen Rob’s work, you can tell that he brings the best out of himself, so it is no wonder that he is enjoying his current career and looking forward to new things in the future. Rob Archer’s net worth is likely to continue to rise, as he becomes more famous, and develops more successful and interesting roles in the future.

The actor certainly has experience in live action, but what he lacks is screen time on a network TV drama, or even a movie, which is what will make him truly unique. Rob is just another good role model for kids, with a refreshingly humorous attitude. If he keeps developing his acting and continues to star in some award winning shows, then there is a very good chance that Rob Archer’s quinn net worth will continue to rise, as well as his fame. He is just another role model to the youth of today.