Rob De Leeuw Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Age & Biography

Rob deLeeuw is the latest celebrity from the Canadian television show “Rob and Big” which debuted in the United States in the fall of 2021. This is an Americanized version of the original French program called Le Fous de la Loire, which was a long running television series which followed the daily life of theois family from Normandy. The show became popular in America during the second season and went on to become one of the highest watched shows on MTV. It also spawned a feature film adaptation which featured Michael Chiklis as Rob and musical guest Usher.

Rob De Leeuw Net Worth

Rob De Leeuw Net Worth is $4 Million

The Rob and Big story is centered around Rob, a computer programmer who lives in California with his two children, Jordan and Lauren. He works for a firm called Silverstone as the firm’s director of strategic planning. He also enjoys golfing and weight lifting. A quick look at Rob’s net worth will reveal that he has been making regular appearances on Rob and Big’s television shows in order to promote his book, which is a joint effort between the two companies.

Rob De Leeuw Full Biography

Full Name Rob De Leeuw
Net Worth $4 Million
Date of Birth 1975
Age 46 Years
Contact Number Unknown

A quick study of Rob and Big history shows that Rob has appeared in three Rob and Big episodes so far, the most recent of which was an interesting hour long special titled “Rob and Big: Out of the World”. This hour long special was directed by Greg Garcia and featured Rob as himself along with members of the audience who asked Rob questions regarding their own personal insecurities. Rob also spoke about how he had recently broken up with his girlfriend of several years, Amber Heard, and how things were going for the first few weeks after the break up. Rob said he was getting plenty of phone calls from his ex, but that things were okay since Amber and he were staying in constant contact with each other and working things out.

Rob has also appeared in a Rob and Big episode entitled “The Rob and Big Story” in which he was portraying his friend Michael who happens to be the star attraction in the show. Rob and Big had a number of hilarious scenes throughout this episode, which made it one of my favorites on Rob and Big’s television series. One of the best things I have seen on Rob and Big was when Rob was asked what his favorite pastime was and Rob confidently responded that playing tennis. Rob also disclosed that he used to play quite a lot of golf back in high school, but did not like the actual games much because of the weather conditions. Now Rob spends his free time playing tennis, which he claims is more enjoyable due to the fact that it does not get as hot as golf.

Rob and Allison are currently raising four children, which is making them incredibly proud and happy. Rob said that they have always dreamed of having their own home in the mountains and creating a home for their family. They also have dreams of someday opening their own business and owning their own restaurant so that everyone can enjoy great tasting food. Rob and Allison are currently trying to raise enough capital to purchase their own home and eventually open their restaurant.

Rob and Allison are currently raising a great group of children and plan on starting their own business in the future. With the great success of Rob and Big, it is safe to assume that Rob de Leeuw is definitely going to be able to make a nice profit from his Rob and Big fan club. It is nice to see people who are passionate about something, succeed in it. This is why it is very important to support Rob de Leeuw and his ventures such as Rob and Big, No Ordinary Family, and now The Nanny Diaries.