Robert Clothier Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Robert Clothier is one of the famous TV actors in Canada and United States. Robert Clothier has made such huge sum of money from his main acting career in the TV show “When We Here Together”. Robert Clothier is the son of actor, Robert Clothier.

Robert Clothier Net Worth

Robert Clothier Net Worth is $11 Million.

Robert Clothier biography is so interesting and full of facts that a person does not even realize he is reading about Robert Clothier’s real life. Robert Clothier was born in October of 1913 and Robert Clothier was arrested in December when he was just 16 years old. Robert Clothier was working as a mail clerk when the war broke out in May of 1920. The height of Robert Clothier’s career is so amazing and the Robert Clothier net worth is more than enough to make any biographer drool.

Robert Clothier Full Biography

Full Name Robert Clothier
Net Worth $11 Million.
Date of Birth 1921–1999
Age 77 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Robert Clothier bio in Wikipedia provides some interesting facts about Robert Clothier’s height. Robert Clothier is listed as standing 2.75 meters and weighing in at around 110 pounds. Robert Clothier biography in Wikipedia also shows how Robert Clothier was arrested and sent to military prison by President 1920. Robert Clothier was released after two and a half years when the war was over.

Wikipedia shows Robert Clothier height and weight data. Robert Clothier was so tall that he was called “The King of Tall Buildings” by British officials during World War II. Robert Clothier’s height and weight have been mentioned in Robert Clothier biography in Wikipedia. One of Robert Clothier’s cousins also has a Wikipedia article on him. His other cousin is also worth mentioning in Robert Clothier biography in Wikipedia.

Robert Clothier was an award winning Canadian TV actor before his fame on the world wide stage started to blossom. He had an eleven year acting stint on Canadian TV show “Beachcombers” where he played a sinister character. Robert Clothier’s Beachcombers character was a character that took a lot of courage for him to play and it paid off for him later in his acting career. Robert Clothier’s Beachcombers character was a villainous character but his acting ability made him memorable.

Robert Clothier’s net worth can be deduced from the fact that he won six Emmys during his acting career. Robert Clothier’s salary is said to have been set by the studio that produced his first film, “Beachcombers”. His second and third films were also successful films and gave him his fourth best paycheck of all time. Robert Clothier is an actor that worked hard and had some ups and downs but he is still widely loved by many.