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Roger Cross net worth is an actor who has made popular appearances in Canadian Television. Roger Cross was born in Harlem and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Roger Cross family background, physical description, age, and height information are available at Roger Cross net worth estimates. Viewing Roger Cross videos and articles provides insight on this well-known actor’s life and works.

Roger Cross Net Worth

Roger Cross Net Worth is $2million

Roger Cross was born in Harlem in July, 1941. He is one of seven children of Ida Cross. His father, a decorated World War II vet, died in the war. Roger earned a degree in history at Queen’s College, University of London, UK. He later worked as a reporter in the Caribbean and in Manila, Philippines.

Full Biography

Full Name Ryan Reynolds
Net Worth  $2million
Date of Birth October 19, 1969
Age 51 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Roger Cross Canadian television actor and son of famous author Ida Cross, who was an acclaimed writers who wrote many award winning books. Roger Cross served in the British Army during the World War II in Australia. Roger Cross had a home in Toronto during the early part of his life. Roger Cross and his wife were the subject of a legendary play about their marriage and the real-life issues that led to their divorce. Roger Cross biographical facts, Roger Cross net worth and other information on him are presented in Roger Cross biography.

An intriguing and well-researched Roger Cross net worth quiz traces the life of Roger Cross, who was a Jamaican-American cartoon character who appeared on television for a number of memorable programs. Roger Cross trivia shows that he was an avid reader and that he used to spend hours in his kitchen reading recipes and how-to books. Roger Cross served for several terms as an Army medic in both World War II and the Korean War before retiring to serve as a teacher in a nursing home. A popular television programme based in Canada, named Hell’s Kitchen, followed Roger Cross’ life.

The Roger Cross net worth quiz identifies Roger Cross as a Canadian-born Jamaican-American cartoon character who was famous for his long-term fighting in the World War II. Roger Cross was active in a number of places during the war including Port Louis, Louisiana, where he was a chef for the U.S. Army. Roger Cross was also a member of the American Red Cross and he was also decorated with the bronze star. Roger Cross trivia indicates that he was married five times and divorced twice.

An interesting Roger Cross net value is that the police procedural TV series based on his life featured an African American detective, Det. Bob Grant, played by Russell Cage. The two characters developed a strong friendship over the course of the series and their relationship was notably close after the death of Roger Cross. Other story lines from the show include a story about a hit-and-run driver that killed Roger Cross and another about a witness that was critical in convicting some of the perpetrators of the bombing of the IRS building in Washington, D.C. that was blamed on the IRA.