Samantha Akkineni Net Worth,2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Samantha Akkineni is a famous actress from Nigeria. She is known for her beautiful face and body that can make any man drool just by looking at it. Net worth of Samantha Akkineni greatly depends on her film reviews and the number of movies she has been in, which have made her a name in the film fraternity.

Net worth of Samantha Akkineni is almost $11 million dollars. Samantha Akkineni was born in 1991 in Lagos, Nigeria and is also calling Nelly. She is a versatile south African actress and is one of the popular actresses in south film industry. She has achieved success not only in her acting career but also in other fields like fashion modeling and designing. She has earned a lot of accolades and recognition for her roles in a number of films.

Samantha Akkineni Full biography

Full Name Samantha Akkineni
Net Worth $11 Million
Date of Birth April 28, 1987
Age 34 Years
Contact Number Unknown


Net worth of Samantha Akkineni is greatly dependent on the number of films she has appeared in. She has appeared in a number of popular films across various genres. Her first major role was in the film “Xavier” in 1997 and after that, she appeared in “Shod”, which was a commercial failure. After that she appeared in “Babu Ki Jawan” and “Nanban”, which were also commercial flops. In the last decade she has appeared in a number of blockbuster films like “Udaan” and “Mankatha”, which have grossed millions of dollars worldwide.

As per usual our estimations of Samantha Akkineni net worth are guarded depending upon the market conditions in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. The state is well known for the presence of talented Tamil actors and actresses in the country. But as far as movie makers are concerned, it is always difficult to attract local talent to the big screens. The main reason behind this is that the demand in Tamil film sector is always high, which has forced the Tamils to compromise over the quality.

But we believe that the Indian film industry will have enough space to accommodate the likes of Samantha Akkineni. She has the beauty, brains and beauty to play the role of an actress in the biggest Bollywood movie. We do not think that she will ever reach the pinnacle of Ajit Doval or Kamal Amrohi. But if she maintains her current level of performance, we are sure that she will be able to cross the 30 crore mark. We believe that she will cross this mark within two or three years.

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