Samuthirakani Net Worth 2022, Income, Age, Height, Weight

Samuthirakani actor and singer Eknar Chidambarn, or Samu the Singer, has built quite a sizable following both here in the United States and in Thailand. He has achieved well-deserved success both here and abroad. His music has been played at various award ceremonies and his films have won some critical acclaim here and overseas.

Samuthirakani Net Worth – Eknar Chidambarn’s income is in the high-end range, but what of his reputation? Samuthirakani actor Eknar Chidambarn is known by many people, not only in Thailand but also throughout the world, as an accomplished and popular Thai model-actress. He has built a large body of work, which makes him one of the better-known and better-paid models in Thailand. And he has established his own name and reputation here in the US as well. Samuthirakani how much earn from modeling is not as clear as one would like for it is relatively small compared to other popular Thai models. But it is good to know how much Samuthirakani income is.

 Samuthirakani Full Biography

Full Name Samuthirakani
Net Worth $23.5 million.
Date of Birth April 26, 1973
Age 48 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Raja Yoga Samuthirakani Net Worth – As an Indian movie director, Samuthirakani has made two movies which were successful in the Thai market. One of these movies, Ajith (The Robot) was released in Thailand under the title of The Robot. The movie made an impressive impression in the Thai market and went on to become one of its best-selling movies ever. This film along with its sequel, Samothraj: The Golden Gang, have been made into popular Thai movies that have grossed huge amounts in the foreign market.

Exotic Body Measurements – Samuthirakani’s other popular Thai film directors like Pawithnaraj are considered to be much more accomplished when it comes to grossing high revenue films. These films generally have excellent special effects, beautiful animation, and of course, breathtaking fight sequences. Even if Samuthirakani does not manage to create such high-end features in his films, he should still be able to at least make at least a million dollars off his two best-selling movies.

Exotic Body Measurements – Samuthirakani has two other films in the pipeline that are expected to be his next two releases. One of them is titled as Veli Yai Samui and will be directed by Pawithnaraj. It is expected to be an action film and also a comedy. Another one is titled as Banyan Keekse, which is also from Samuthirakani, but this time, it is going to be a science fiction film. This is the second installment of his Yai Samui series, the first one was Veli Yai Samui. In this film, Samuthirakani is to play a merchant who gets kidnapped along with his assistant.

Even if Samuthirakani fails to make at least a million dollars from these two movies, he at least learned how to create a very intriguing net worth for himself. These films have given him the confidence to try other types of films, like storyboards and animation, which he can use to make movies that will excite millions of people worldwide. His other projects include becoming a certified model-actress and traveling the world as a yoga instructor. Samuthirakani’s net worth can continue to rise as long as he continues to hone his acting skills and body measurements. This may be his career path now, but he may change it in the future.