Sanjjana Galrani Net Worth-2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Sanjjanaa Galrani is an actress of Indian origin who hails from Mangalore in Karnataka state of India. Sanjjanaa has built a name for her performances in various television serials and her current work in the form of ‘Family Matters’ and ‘Aabir’ has helped her to attain some good commercial success. As per the real estate studies in Bangalore, Sanjjanaa’s family owned a textile manufacturing factory which has been running since 1969 and is one of the oldest textile mills in the State. Sanjjanaa Galrani’s net worth as per the latest records of the Economic Research Council of India is Rs. 60.

Sanjana Galrani’s real name is Sanjana Agalvanian while her present age is aged 34. The youngest of her three daughters, Nandini is said to be the mastermind behind setting up the textile mill in Bangalore that was used in the manufacture of Sanjjana Galrani’s apparels. Sanjana Galrani has played lead roles in ‘Aabir’ and ‘Family Matters’. Sanjana was married to an industrialist of M.G.K. in 1969 and they have two other children.

Sanjjana Galrani Full biography

Full Name Sanjjana Galrani
Net Worth
$1 Million
Date of Birth 10 October 1989
Age 31 Years
Contact Number Unknown


With the real estate boom in Bangalore increasing rapidly, many overseas investors are lining up to invest in properties in Bangalore and as per the latest reports, the demand for properties in Bangalore is expected to touch the sky in the next decade. If you know Sanjana Galrani’s net worth, you would know that she is comfortable sitting on the lime light as far as personal finances are concerned. She has not been bothered about her marital status since she was a child and later married a very wealthy industrialist. In the past, her social status was held by a member of the Sanjay Gandhi Praja party.

As per Sanjana’s affidavit in the petition filed in the kodambakkam court, the last time she has applied for a loan from a bank in India was in 1992-93 when she had come back to work as a consultant with the International Business Corporation (IBC) in Bangalore. Sanjana did not mention whether she had any income or assets as per the income tax returns and it is only after she started working with the World Wide Web and building a networking base that she disclosed all the details. As per the latest report available, Sanjana has an asset worth of around Rs 24 crores and has a very lucrative private income as well.

Since Sanjana is not required to disclose the marital status of her husband or any other relevant information in the public domain, we can only speculate about her marital status as of the moment of death. It is very possible that she is still married to some of her creditors. Since it is very common for people living overseas to declare bankrupt while working overseas, this will automatically reduce their taxable income in India and Sanjjana could end up getting some financial aid from the government in the form of a pension or a loan in the form of a settlement. This will be very beneficial to the beneficiaries of Sanjana’s death, as it will reduce the burden on their life after the death of their spouse. Besides this, it will also enable the family members to shift to another residence and pay their taxes without being subjected to overseas taxation.

Sanjjana’s net worth is supported by the Karnataka State Government through various grants and loans supported by the Karnataka Development Board (KBD) and the Bengaluru Urban Development Corporation (BUDC). These bodies have been instrumental in providing loans and support for buying properties in Bangalore and other cities in the state of Karnataka. The other grants offered by them are for setting up a preschool, setting up a Girls Academy, opening a Garden Centre and even offering Professional Assistance to Self-Employed People in the form of Training Grants.