Santana Garrett Net Worth 2021- Salary, Income & Earnings

He’s one of the newest wrestlers in the professional wrestling scene. The name Santielsa is just his original name. The real name is Santana Garrett. He was born in wrestle and has been in the business for about ten years. He started out in a small company called Blue Sunshine. In his early days he was known as Rene Bonaparte.

Santana Garrett Net Worth Is about $500,000

He is from the state of California and has gained a lot of attention through his wrestling career. His wrestling record is pretty impressive. He has also won titles in both the United States and Brazil. The promotions he has been a part of include Destination Wrestling and Caged Fire.

Now how much does Santana really make? He will not disclose that information. There are many wrestlers making a lot of money with Pro wrestling. But, there are some that make far more than others that go out and try to establish themselves.

So, how much is Santana really worth? As a professional wrestler he makes about twenty-five thousand a year. That is the average. Some of that will be dependent on where he places in the company and what he is paid. Also, how much does he have paid into his WWE contract? If he was offered more than one million dollars by the company it would be hard for him to refuse.

In closing, we all want to know the answer to the question, How much is Santana Boxer worth. Well he might not be the highest paid wrestler on the planet, but he does entertain the crowd and is a huge star in the company. He is also one of the favorites in most of the women’s locker rooms. He is one of the few wrestlers that has a true “gracie” background and even though he is not a “stock” wrestler anywhere near as big as a top notch star.

Now if you are looking for true stock, big man power you will most likely not find it in Santana. For starters he is not big. And he is not huge. He has never had a real match with a real big guy and has not done any real big man work outside of the ring. The next time you want to know how much someone is worth asking yourself, how much do they love their career, their family and their fans?