Santhosh Keezat Hussain Net Worth 2022, Age, Income, Weight & Height

Santhosh Keezhattoor is a Tamil film starring the popular Tamil actress, Santhosh, known as Nivi. The name of Santhosh is quite suggestive of her appearance and her role as Nivi in the movie. Santhosh is actually an actress from Chennai, who has gained international popularity due to her various movies and roles. She was previously married to an American actor called Jon Bon Jovi and later had a son. Santhosh is now married to Albin Akhbar and they have a daughter called Abigail.

Santhosh Keezat Hussain Net Worth

Santhosh Keezat Hussain Net Worth is $1 million

Santhosh was born in Hyderabad, India and grew up in Mumbai. In her early years she acted in various small films and later moved into acting in Hollywood. Santhosh has also been known to act in television serials and is presently known as Nivi Chanakya in an Indian soap called Bhumika on channel TV. Santhosh is presently one of the highest paid actresses in the world with an estimated net worth of about $6 million dollars according to estimates.

Santhosh Keezat Hussain Full Biography

Full Name Santhosh Keezat Hussain
Net Worth $1 million
Date of Birth 4 February 1976
Age 45 Years
Contact Number Unknown

What is Santhosh’s net worth? Her first major acting contract was in the 1980 movie called Ananda in the West. After that she earned good returns on screen and went on to have some more good shows, such as kicking in the deadpan role in the movie called Easy Company. Santhosh later went on to play the evil Queen in the movie called Raising Helen. Santhosh excelled in this role and earned herself a reputation as one of the best actresses in the showbiz today.

Santhosh’s earnings are not the only things that have made her the top entertainer in the entertainment business. She is also an accomplished writer who has created several successful scripts for feature films and other television programs. Santhosh has written for quite a number of award winning plays and scripts, most notably the award winning Bombay Velvet. She has also written for a number of award winning movies including the super hit Ananya Kapoor starrer called Mankatha. Santhosh has also written for some of the bestsellers in the adult industry, which includes Brides and many more.

Santhosh’s path has certainly been a fascinating one, and we can only hope that she continues to succeed in her showbiz career. Another interesting aspect of Santhosh’s rise to stardom is the fact that she has remained unknown to most of the western audiences until very recently. Santhosh has actually managed to become popular in the U.K. and her popularity only seems to be growing. This only proves how big a star Santhosh actually is.

Santhosh’s showbiz career is a success because she has managed to expand her range of acting and also broaden her genre. Santhosh is known to have an immense love for Indian cinema. This has been one of the reasons why she has succeeded in becoming so popular in her career. Santhosh has even been featured in few films that have won several awards at various awards ceremonies. Santhosh is certainly proving that she has not failed to amaze the Indian audiences as much as she has dazzled the Hollywood audiences. Santhosh is certainly on her way to become a superstar of Indian showbiz.