Scott Bairstow Net Worth 2022- Income, Biography & Salary

Scott Bairstow Bio. Scott Bairstow is an American actor known primarily for his role as “Newty” on the Lonesome Dove television show. He is also known for his uncredited role in the film Top Five. Bairstow grew up in a musical family in Winnipeg, Canada. He went on to play piano and trumpet in both jazz and blues bands throughout high school and early college.

Scott Bairstow Net Worth

Scott Bairstow Net Worth is $20 Million

Scott Bairstow Net Worth One of Scott Bairstow’s most known roles would place him in the category of “relevant actors.” These are performers that have notable net worth and/or do not need to be paid to be in the acting biz. Scott Bairstow is one of these actors. He is currently married to actress Lisa Rinna. Their son, Michaelangelo was named after his father.

Scott Bairstow Net Worth The answer to the question of Scott Bairstow net worth is simply his performance in films. Most of his films have made less than average money. However, his two largest films – Man on the Moon and Scott Free – have made good box office receipts. Both of those films grossed over three-quarters of a billion dollars worldwide. Scott Bairstow has also written several best selling books and has been a published poet several times.

Scott Bairstow Full Biography

Full Name Scott Bairstow
Net Worth  $20 Million
Date of Birth April 23, 1970
Age 51 Years
Contact Number Unknown

So, does Scott Bairstow have a net worth of his own? Scott Bairstow states that he works with producer Ray Cassell on all of his projects. However, no one could confirm this information. Scott Bairstow Net worth would include his writing abilities and income from various endeavors. As for what he actually does make, well, it seems like he is quite good at everything he does. His other accomplishments include: producing and directing movies, playing guitar in a rock band, being a ventriloquist, and playing the harmonica in a musical.

You might want to consider the information in this article. Scott Bairstow was born in April of 1970 in Toronto, Canada. He is finished and English decent. He was educated at both public and private schools. He has worked in commercials and television since he was a teenager.

Scott Bairstow is currently married to actress Jennifer Garner. They have been together since June of 1994. Scott Bairstow was last seen on the American television series “MacGyver”, in which he played MacGyver. Recently, he has appeared in several movies, including the “Harry Potter” movies. His most popular role to date may be his role as MacGyver in the movie series of the same name.