Serge Houde Net Worth 2022-Weight, Height, Salary, Biography & Age

Serge Houde Canadian actor. His fame rose gradually as his first two TV roles attracted widespread popularity and critical acclaim. His first television series, the popular ‘Heroes’, earned him critical acclaim and went on to become one of cable’s most successful drama series of all time. Now he has established his own action/adventure series for SyFy. The second season of his hit series, ‘The Shield’, premiering this Friday, has been renewed for a third year, giving Serge Houde additional time to build on his exploits as an action/adventure hero. He is also listed at the youngest-ever actor born in Canada.

Serge Houde Net Worth

Serge Houde Net Worth is  $10 Million

Serge Houde was born in Whitewater, British Columbia. He is the son of Yoland Houde, a Canadian film director who had spent time in Hollywood as an assistant to several well-known directors, producers and actors, including Quentin Tarantino, Michael Connelly and Frank Capra. Later, Houde relocated to Paris, where he pursued acting and screenwriting. He is now one of few actors born in Canada to have achieved worldwide recognition. He is listed among the top Canadian television character actors, having appeared in a number of popular television programs, ranging from movies to daytime soap operas.

Serge Houde Full Biography

Full Name Serge Houde
Net Worth  $10 Million
Date of Birth
February 16, 1953
Age 68 Years
Contact Number Unknown

He is best known for his role as Jake O’Brien in the popular television series, The Shield. He is thirty-three years old, having been born in February of last year. Serge Houde was born in Quebec, which is in the province of Quebec, Canada. He is married to Lisa Dion, who is the mother of his two children. His other credits are playing an extra in the movie Kill Bill and recurring as a guest star in the television series Dirty Sexy Money. His other credits are uncredited.

Serge Houde’s most recent major acting job was playing the lead role in the award-winning, best guest starring role as a sheriff in the popular television show, Hawaii Five-0. He plays Det. Bobinsky, a Hawaii Five-0 investigator whose investigation results were what made the series so successful. As he became better known, he became one of the best known actors in the drama business, playing many different characters.

Houdre is also known for his recurring role as a sheriff on the popular television series, The Shield. He has appeared in a number of other popular television shows, including NCIS: Los Angeles, Scrubs, Chuck and Weeds. He has won a Golden Globe Award for his work on the television series, The Shield, which is syndicated in Canada. He has also played a number of different recurring characters in various movies and television dramas.

As an actor, Serge Houde has achieved great success in his career. Many of his films have been produced in both the United States and Canada. Some of them have screened in countries all around the world. He has always maintained a low public profile, keeping a low profile. This has allowed him to achieve success in the business while maintaining his personal relationships. Due to this ability, Houdre has achieved the most well-known net worth in the country, which is the fourth richest tv actor in Canada according to the latest CMMSE (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) statistics.