Shreekumar Net Worth 2022, Age, Weight , Height, Income

Tamil movies and Shreekumars belong to some super hit genre which are loved by young and old alike. Both the Tamil film industry and super hit movies have given birth to several superstars that have made their own mark in theollywood industry. Today, Shreek Kumar is one such star and has established himself as a superstar.

Net worth: Shreek Kumar is known as a successful person with regard to his Net Worth. He is known as an actor, singer and also a cricket player for Chennai Super Kings. Net worth, salaries, cars, hairstyles & other details have all been updated here.

 Shreek Kumar Full Biography

Full Name Shreek Kumar
Net Worth $1-5 Million
Date of Birth July 12, 1975
Age 46 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Shreekumar was born in Shreekuva in Chennai and was educated at both St. Edward’s College and V. R. Subbaray College. Shreekumar became an actor after completing his 2nd year in law school at St. Edward’s College in Chennai. His first role in any film came in the role of “Nazar”, in which he played a drug addict. Shreekumar played various other character roles in a number of movies and has established himself as an actor with the success of “Mankatha” in Tamil, “Kodambakkam” in Tamil, “Nanban” in Hindi and “Chikka” in English.

Apart from this, Shreekumar has been in the limelight for the last few years for his acting prowess in the movies. In the movie “Chikka”, Shreekumar took a leading role where he plays the role of an alcoholic detective who suspects the involvement of a Chinese drug lord in the murder of a Chinese official. This is one of the many films that Shreekumar has starred in and apart from this, Shreekumar has been nominated for a Film Farewell Award for his contribution towards the cause of the missing Malaysian flight.

There are many other movies in Shreekumar’s repertoire like “Chikka”, “Nanban”, “Mankatha” and “Chikka”, Shreekumar has also acted in some TV serials and done commercials in the city of Chennai in the 1990s. Shreekumar’s current profession includes acting in various TV serials, commercials and movies. But it seems that his career is most focused on playing the part of an aging character in the recent movies. Shreekumar’s best known character is an aging actor who goes through numerous appearances in a movie till he manages to finally close the deal with the younger generation. In one movie, Shreekumar’s character encounters another character played by Priyadarshan Soman Nair who is supposed to be his age. In fact in the movie, Shreekumar’s character finally dies at the age of 41 while he is being pursued by the younger generation for his money.

However, it is interesting to note that Shreekumar’s salary never exceeds the lowest paid among all the actors of his time. In fact, this is one of the few cases in which the lowest paid among all the leading actors of our time turns out to be the richest actor of our times. Shreekumar’s income hardly rises above two million. The reason for this is that he has only appeared in a handful of films. Overall, Shreekumar is certainly not the richest actor of our time.