Simha Net Worth,-2022 Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Net worth – Bobby Simha Net worth is the amount of money an actor makes after his salary is deducted for his services rendered. How much earn in a month, year etc? For a movie actor, a Net worth is the amount of money he gets after his salary is deducted. Thus, Net worth is the value of what we owe to our celebrities, actors, musicians and athletes. If we are lucky enough, our parents, siblings and relatives are our idol and our hero, while if we are not so lucky, our coach or our teacher is our idol and our hero.

Career wise, Bobby has been portrayed in some good movies. His first major role was in the movie “Shodh”, which was based on the book, “A Bend in the Ganges”. After that he appeared in a number of well known Tamil movies, which were of high quality. These movies helped him in building his career.

 Simha Full biography

Full Name Simha
Net Worth 4.615 million
Date of Birth 6 November 1983
Age 37 Years
Contact Number Unknown


His first salary was just $20 a day. His first contract was for two films, and he made twenty-two films thereafter. In recent times he has been portrayed in some award winning movies. The recent box office hit, “The Guru” and the award winning movie “Endhiran” have catapulted Bobby Sinh into stardom. Now his earnings have increased manifold, and he is contracted for several more movies. What is Bobby Sinh’s yearly salary?

Well, there are several factors affecting his salary. For instance, his experience in making movies means he earns more as he grows older. Other directors may want to groom him before hand and pay him accordingly, and this can cost them money. Hence, before making a decision regarding a movie, always keep in mind how much they are going to pay. If you are Bobby Sinh, who is fresh in his profession, then you would definitely be getting a bigger budget than the directors.

The other important thing is how successful the film is. A big hit movie always earns higher than a low budget movie. You must also remember the age factor. The directors often look up to their assistants. If your agent is as good as Bobby Sinh, then you can definitely expect a fat salary.

As we know, the Tamil community is very reserved about their culture. They don’t accept outside influences, like the Hollywood stars do. So if you want to earn some money in Tamil cinema, you must choose your genre according to the culture of the people. It will be much easier for you.