Stevie Turner’s Net Worth 2021- Earnings, Salary & Income

What is WWE Superstar Wrester Stevie Turner’s Net Worth? She is a WWE Diva, she is also a professional wrestler. It should be noted that WWE no longer refers to their wrestlers as wrestlers. They refer to them as performers. So, how much is WWE Stevie Turner’s yearly earnings?

Stevie Turner’s Net Worth Is $1 million – $4 million

Well, as a professional wrestler, her yearly earnings are all part of the large pot of money that comes from wrestling. She makes anywhere from twenty to forty thousand dollars an hour with some bouts going for six to seven hours. The company that she works for though has a developmental deal with TNA which she is a star with, and so much more. She would not be able to call herself a professional wrestler if her paycheck was not substantial. Her yearly income, as a performer, is definitely on the high end.

In addition to her income as a performer, she also does modeling assignments and does photo shoots and even commercials. In her recent appearance on Raw, she mentioned that she makes anywhere from four to five hundred dollars an hour with the income being split between her family and the company that she is now working for. So if this is what is included in her yearly income then it would put her at number eight on the list of highest paid wrestlers in the world. Just below her on the list is WWE Diva: Aries, Sarah Giraldo.

So, let’s assume that we know how much WWE Stevie Turner makes and looks at her other income sources. If we add up her annual income at about forty thousand dollars a year, we get about one hundred seventy-two thousand dollars. That is close to the income of Randy Couture. However, when we take into account all of her various earnings from various endeavors, such as movies, videos, acting and even commercials, then we are looking at a residual income of some twenty to thirty million dollars a year. Add those numbers together and you have the potential to make over six hundred grand a year with WWE.

So, while it may not be realistic to think of WWE being as rich as The Rock or Hulk Hogan, it is a safe assumption that they could well be making a few hundred grand a year off of their tours alone. And that doesn’t even include their pay per performance fees. Add in the residual income they receive from TV shows, theme parties and video games, and you can quickly see that the income potential is huge. And that is just the beginning of the amazing work they do behind the scenes. They probably make more than their chief manager at Raw by now.

So, there you have it. I’ve told you about WWE’s latest star, Brooke Burke. You now know that there is income today that can easily top the income of even the world’s best professional wrestlers. And you know that any way you look at it, that is income that can and will be available to you. All you have to do is to become one of the select few, who have it all.