Sunil Chhetri Net worth 2022- Salary, Income

Sunil Chhetri is one among the leading football players of India. He plays for FC Delhi in the Indian Super League (ISL). His prowess on the field helped him win the FC Barcelona shirt and he has also been nominated to the FIF Barcelona team of champions. Sunil Chhetri Net Worth or annual income is yet to be established as this figure is yet to be confirmed by club coach or club management.

Sunil Chhetri’s salary received several rounds of applause from various teams and national team management when he was chosen as the goalkeeper for the national team. However, he failed to make a single appearance for the national team and that created quite a lot of doubt on his ability as a goalkeeper. He was then selected as a forward for Palace in the English Premier League (EPL) and also for Mumbai Indians in the Indian Super League. His net value or annual income at that point of time was still unknown to a lot of people. But, a year later, when he was retained as a right back, it suddenly lifted up his pay grade to a considerable level and he was then given a contract by AC Milan.

Sunil Chhetri Net worth 2021

Sunil Chhetri Net worth   is $570k estimate

There is no particular reason for this, except that Indian football is not as strong as other countries. It is true that football in India has not developed as much as the other countries, but it has always been renowned for its passion, dedication and commitment on the field. There are many players like Sunil Chhetri who have earned this recognition. Chhetri first joined the Indian national team in the age of 23 and played a number of matches. During this period he also became one of the most promising fullbacks in the country and even earned a call up to the Indian national team.

It was then that fans started wondering about the net worth of this young soccer player. Many experts say that the soccer player’s earnings are actually from various sponsorship deals he may have received while with the Indian national team. The earnings are not very big, but they are respectable enough considering the fact that he is a young, talented football player with potential who could one day play for the Indian national team.

If you consider the fact that he is now playing football professionally in Italy, you can only imagine what impact he had on the team. Many fans had expected Sunil Chhetri to earn much more than what he has in the recent years. Well, the former footballer has impressed many Indian fans with his performances in the national team. He has impressed them not only with his abilities as a football player, but also with his attitude towards life. Chhetri has remained true to his roots and has not let go of the love for the Indian national football team and its cause.

If there had been another South Indian football player who excelled in the national team, there would have been huge changes in the cricket world. However, things are different now. Sunil Chhetri has proved that he has what it takes to become a great athlete and a great performer both on the field and off the field as well.

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