Suriya Net Worth,-2022 Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Suriya Nemade, an award winning Tamil actor has received a lot of critical acclaim in the recent Rajinikanth film “Endhiran”. But what is his actual net worth in Rupees, US dollars or Lakhs? Suriya Net worth is not known to many people in India or abroad.

First let us know about the Tamil word “Suriya” which means wealth or monetary assets. In the Tamil language it is pronounced as Surya. It can loosely be translated as “property in the form of coins and money.” But the meaning is a little bit different when we compare it with the word “net”. In the numerals, it represents 1000 that is more than the value of one billion (one trillion Indian currency) and the value of one thousand one billion (one million Indian currency) in United States.

Suriya Full biography

Full Name Suriya
Net Worth $25 Million
Date of Birth July 23, 1975
Age 45 years
Contact Number Unknown


Now the second question comes in to picture how much income is produced by the Tamil star daily in the form of Rupees and US dollar. Suriya Net worth in Rupees, US dollars and more is possible through the articles needing expert attention in Tamil and the Indian language. For instance, Tamil newspaper “Kantar”, a famous national daily, published articles requiring expert attention in Tamil and foreign languages including German, French, Japanese and Chinese.

Recently, another award – lifetime achievement award for an outstanding contribution to the field of film was received from the Facebook Group, Chennai. This award was presented by the Facebook Group for the contributing actor Kamal hassan. Kamal hassan has been conferred with the highest award of “Lifetime Achievement” by Facebook. As per the recent surveys, Kamal hassan has been paid scores for his films “Mankatha” and “Aruvikkuz” and “Chakka” etc. There can be no questioning about the fact that Kamal hassan is among the topmost actors earning crores in India and the country’s capital New Delhi.

But the question that comes in to the picture is – how much income has he generated after being paid crores? How much have his family earned? How much has his daughter earns? The answer to all these questions lies in the box office hits “Mankatha” and “Aruvikkuz” and “Chakka” etc. All the movies have managed to generate good revenue and earnings from ticket sales and foreign box office.

If we further analyze the filmography of Suriya, one can easily judge that this actor is not only popular amongst the masses but also among the actors and directors. His recent films “Mankatha” and “Aruvikkuz” were received with warm welcome by the film fraternity and the directors. His co-stars in the films “Aruvikkuz” and “Mankatha” have also earned him positive response from the audiences. On the other hand, Tamil superstar Rajinikanth has received praises from different quarters for his role as an actor in “Kodambakkam.”

So it can be judged that Tamil cinema as a whole has appreciated a good actor like Suriya. He has established himself as a classy Tamil actor and has established himself as a box office draw. And this is not all. He has also bagged good reviews from various film critics over the years. Therefore, we can safely say that Suriya is the best Tamil actor on the planet and he deserves to be at the top of the list for best Tamil actornet worth in Rupees, dollars euros, pounds and more.