Thalaivasal Vijay Net Worth 2022, Age, Weight , Height, Income

Thalaivasal Vijay, better known as Thalaivasal Vijay in Rajasthan is an award winning Rajasthani actor who has been making news for his role as Ajit in Baahubali. He is also known for his hilarious appearances in several other films and his appearances in various television serials. Thalaiva’s most popular contribution to cinema was the role of Ajit in Baahubali. So far, he has gone on to star in some more Rajasthani films too.

Thalaiva was born in 1913 in Thiruvananthapuram, Thalaiva was actually the name of his father who was a prominent lawyer in that era. Thalaiva was destined for greatness as he grew up in the royal society of Kerala in India and even studied journalism and taught him English along with the other subjects. In those days, Kerala was well known for churning out some of the finest filmmakers of the film industry and Thalaiva was one of the brightest stars of that era. He then began his career in movies after that in a brief span of time he earned himself a considerable number of accolades.

Thalaivasal Vijay Full Biography

Full Name Thalaivasal Vijay
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Date of Birth August 4, 1962
Age 59 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Thalaivasal is one of those celebrities who have attained a lot of public prominence through the Rajasthani film fraternity. He has acted in some of the best known Hindi films of all times including Mankatha, Velayudham, Apoorvidyamm, Bhumika in India, Dayal Bazaar, Velayudham, Kannan, Thalaiva, Bhumika in India, and many more to mention. He is also credited to have been a key player in the immensely popular Velayudham film, Velayudham. Other than this he has acted in a number of Rajasthani movies as well.

Thalaiva was also one of the famous people who appeared on Rajneeti soap opera “Chheer Sagar”. This show, which was originally started by actress Priya Bhushnapati, went on to become quite popular. Thalaiva later appeared in a small role in the movie, Baahubali. This actor also had a part in the award winning Baahubali: The Paw of Fortune movie. Since then he has emerged as a popular name in the film fraternity.

Thalaiva has several assets as well, which makes him a notable actor and star. For example, Thalaiva is one of those celebrities who are earning their income from online activities. Thalaiva is an internet marketer and has several websites which generate income for him. One such website, which he owns and operates is called Thalaiva Gold. He is also fond of acting and has appeared in at least six films and three TV serials.

Therefore, Thalaiva is no doubt a popular actor who is earning his income source from various activities on the World Wide Web. He is much into the business and he is actually earning much more than what he is earning from the films. One of the assets that Thalaiva possesses is his huge number of websites which generate an income for him and he is earning a very handsome income for himself. One of the things that we have to appreciate about Thalaivasal is that he never wastes any opportunity that comes his way to rise in the ranks of Hindi cinema or any other Indian genre and he wants to be at the top.