Thom Allison Net Worth 2021- Salary, Income & Biography

Thom Allison is a well-known character actor that has been in television for over a decade. Born and raised in Winnepegewok, Manitoba, Thom Allison grew up with two brothers and one sister. His best known role would be as Jiminy Cricket in the TV show Saturday Night Live. He went on to play the same character in many other Canadian TV shows and also became known as a stage actor. His acting career caught the attention of executives at networks like Showtime who was looking for a unique comedic actor to take the role of Lead in their new soap opera The Firm.

Thom Allison Net Worth

Thom Allison Net Worth is $ 1 million to $ 4 million

Thom Allison has played different characters throughout his acting career. He has been a loyal guest host for several award winning television programs such as Comedy Centrals Choice, postmaster, and Hollywood. He has also appeared in some movies such as Man on the Moon: The Last Stand and Saturday Night Fever. Overall, Thom Allison has had a varied career that has spanned not only Canada but America as well.

Thom Allison was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and grew up in a household that included three mothers. His mother was a very good writer and artist, while his father was an avid theatre buff that taught Thom and his brother Peter all about theatre. He attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in Toronto, where he graduated in drama in 1980. From there he moved to New York City and worked for years in various theater departments of both Disney and Universal studios. After several years of freelancing he decided to move into directing and writing full time as he felt it would allow him to hone his acting skills.

Thom Allison Full Biography

Full Name Thom Allison
Net Worth $1 to $ 4 Million
Date of Birth February 29, 1944
Age 77 years
Contact Number Unknown

As is typical of any great comedic actor, his acting career was short lived due to the “hair-pulling” that many directors would put him through. Instead he turned his attention to writing screenplays that were funny in nature. One of these was Dead Man Walking with Martin Short. As is typical of a true Canadian success story, his book went on to sell millions of copies worldwide and still is one of the best selling comedies of all time.

Thom Allison’s acting program did not end there as he went on to star in Killjoys alongside Michael Caine. The movie itself was very successful and produced one of the most memorable films of the 90’s. Killjoys also managed to obtain a Best Screenplay award from the Canadian Film Institute at the time. All of this has only helped to raise Thom Allison’s net worth further.

Thom Allison is now retired and focusing on his acting program as opposed to being a movie star. His work as an author and producer has kept him well employed into his late forties. Should he choose to take on another project relating to acting he will be sure to continue to increase his wealth and assets and that of his family.