Timothy Findley Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb and Various Online sources, well known Canadian television actor Timothy Findley is worth up to $1-5 million after he died. He earned this money being a successful Playwright. However, how much do you really know about the well-known Timothy Findley? This article will give you some information regarding the life of Timothy Findley.

Timothy Findley Net Worth

Timothy Findley Net Worth is $9 Million

Timothy Findley was born in Canada where he grew up in Trois-des-Lacs, Que., and was educated at both grade school and college by his mother. He was a very bright student who excelled in Math and Science and was considered very good at them. He went on to win a scholarship for the University of Toronto which allowed him to pursue acting full-time. His grades were excellent which is why he was able to get such a great result in school and also went on to win a place at the University of British Columbia where he majored in drama.

Timothy Findley Full Biography

Full Name Timothy Findley
Net Worth  $9 Million
Date of Birth 1930–2002
Age 71 Years
Contact Number Unknown

There are various stories that are told about Timothy Findley net worth. Some of these stories talk about how he used his scholarship to get himself an agent and how he later used his talent to land roles on both Broadway and British TV. How much money did Timothy Findley make as a result of all this? The real answer to this question can only be provided by his fans who have known him since he was a child. He made no real bank but managed to get a few small parts and small role in films. After getting experience in theatre, he then decided to concentrate on playing the character of Tim Burton in the movie ” Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street”.

Timothy Findley’s net worth comes from the fact that he was nominated for a best play Oscar and then won the same for his second play “The Night Watch”. He then went on to play the title role in the award winning film “oser”, which was directed by Wes Anderson. No other British playwright has achieved as much in the field of acting as Timothy Findley. As a matter of fact, he is one of only three British playwrights to have received a second Oscar nomination. His biography on the internet tells us that he is also a celebrated novelist and essayist.

Timothy Findley’s official website portrays him as a very happy and relaxed man. We can see that he is very popular with his family as he has a daughter called Alison who is a bit younger than him. We also know that he is quite fond of exercising and taking good care of himself. The official biography of Timothy Findley reveals some interesting facts about his early years in the theater. This includes his stage name of Timothy Findley, his stage career in London as a playwright and later a director, his relationship with Anderson, his playing of the lead role in the movie “The Night Watch”, his many awards for his various works, his famous physique which we may see in his body measurements that are also available on the website.

Timothy Findley is a truly great playwright, author, actor and the author of numerous books. His real life Net Worth is not all that bad either. His official biographer, however, provides a more accurate picture of his life. His real net worth as portrayed by the net graph is not very high by world standards and that is why most people will doubt whether he has made as much money as he claims. Timothy Findley has lived an extremely interesting life and we should not discount his achievements even if his net worth remains low compared to other actors.