Todd Caldecott Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Age & Biography

Todd Caldecott is an American actor, producer, and writer best known for his starring role as Frank Underwood on the groundbreaking Canadian television show King of the Hill. Todd began his acting career after several years working in the advertising department of Bell Atlantic as a radio personality in Boston, MA. He then worked as a casting director for a movie, before branching out into producing and acting. His credits also include appearing in a couple of episodes of Homefront: The Hoteliser as a bus boy.

Todd Caldecott Net Worth

Todd Caldecott Net Worth is $34 Million.

Todd Caldecott net worth is largely determined by his King of the Hill salary. He is typically paid a six figure yearly salary, which has increased over the course of time. Todd’s paychecks are reported to include all of the following, which are based on a combination of factors including how long he has been acting, how popular he is, how many seasons he has been hosting, how much programming time he is provided, how many movies he is in, and what specific network or company the Todd Caldecott family has worked with. For example, some shows have been canceled after one season, while others have only one season remaining. Todd’s salary is usually affected by how long it takes him to develop a new show or if he is already signed up to do a TV movie.

Todd Caldecott Full Biography

Full Name Todd Caldecott
Net Worth $34 Million.
Date of Birth January 21, 1969
Age 52 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Todd’s father, Frank served as an Army Air Corp pilot during World War II. Todd was born in Hereford, UK and is one half brother of British Columbian actor Michael Capra. Frank served in the Army for nine years before becoming a pilot, and Todd moved on to join the Canadian army. Throughout his military service, Todd married three different women, and had four children. His wife died of cancer when Todd was only 19 years old, and he now has two children of his own.

Like many of today’s top actors, Todd has sold a lot of DVDs of his work and made quite a bit of money in the process. In fact, the Todd Caldecott net worth is almost entirely due to the sales of his first three films – Rise of The Silver Surfer, Shampoo, and Zoolander – as well as his recent roles in Men In Black and X-Men: First Class. His other films that have grossed a sizeable amount of money include The Damned United, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and Finding Nemo.

In terms of Todd’s actual net worth, his real name is Frank Capra, and his family are actually rather poor. His two brothers are artists, but do not have much money, and his wife is very self-employed. All of his children were born into poverty, and barely managed to send for their own college education. Todd was able to pay for them to go to college on the part of his famous name, Frank Capra, and even received some of his finances through an allowance. It was this kind of dedication to his family that helped to make Todd Caldecott net worth one of the highest in the film industry.

When you read the Todd Caldecott net worth biography, it is interesting to see how much effort Todd put into making his first film, Shampoo, look as impressive as possible. He had no prior acting experience, but he had a real talent for story and acting, and came up with the idea of becoming an artist after reading a book about old paintings. After making a short film about paintings in an early age, he found out how much he really enjoyed being an artist and decided to take action by writing screenplays, plays, and other types of projects.