Tom Braidwood Net Worth 2022- Height, Salary, Weight, Age & Biography

Tom Braidwood net worth is hard to estimate. Tom Braidwood’s net worth is mostly attributed to his television appearances on Canadian television where he has made more than forty different episodes. Tom Braidwood was also an accomplished stand up comedian, singer, and actor. His career spans over fifty years, and was most notably seen on Canadian television where he honed his acting skills in a number of short comedy skits and guest appearances. Tom Braidwood is presently married to Pennywise, a comic strip villain with a long history on Canadian television.

Tom Braidwood Net Worth

Tom Braidwood Net Worth is $ USD 9 Million

Tom Braidwood Net Worth: Tom Braidwood was born and raised in Canada. He was educated at private schools in both Ajax and Burlington, ON, and earned a degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Toronto. Tom Braidwood is currently estimated to be worth approximately $45 million.

Tom Braidwood Full Biography

Full Name Tom Braidwood
Net Worth $ USD 9 Million
Date of Birth September 27, 1948
Age 73 Years
Contact Number Unknown

According to an article by Tom Braidwood biography writer Jack Canfield, Tom Braidwood had worked for Canadian television for about ten years when he was cast as an actor on The Incredible Hulk. Tom Braidwood’s career subsequently appeared in numerous other popular movies such as The Mask, The Bodyguard, A Few Good Men, and Kingpin. Tom Braidwood also has a small role in the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Tom Braidwood’s net worth is likely derived from his association with Canadian television series, which earned him about a dozen episodes on Canadian television series. Tom Braidwood has also made cameos in several American movies and television shows, including Glee.

Tom Braidwood Net Worth: Tom Braidwood’s net worth is most likely derived from the fact that he is one of very few actors who have made a complete filmography from playing the same character in different movies. Tom Braidwood has played the same character in a total of eleven films. Only Gene Hackman and Tom Cruise have more screen time playing the same character in the same amount of movies. Tom Braidwood is also one of few actors to have achieved success by playing more than one character. He has played the same character in five different movies, and has additionally been nominated for an Academy Award for his work in these films. Tom Braidwood is also married to the actress Anne Bancroft, who played the role of Mrs. Robinson in the aforementioned Bodyguard and A Few Good Men.

Tom Braidwood’s net worth is also reflected in the number of DVDs that he releases each year, which numbers into the hundreds of thousands. The majority of these DVDs are popular among film critics and audience members, as well as collectors. A Few Good Men, released in 2021, is one of Tom Braidwood’s most successful films, due to its controversial plot and the way Tom Braidwood plays the role of attorney Paul D’onzigro.

Tom Braidwood’s income source was made possible by his many acting credits, which have amassed him an estimated net worth of one million dollars. Due to his consistent acting career, Tom Braidwood has also been able to establish his own production company, wherein he is currently in charge of writing and producing several movies. One such production is entitled The Secret Life of Pets. The movie, which was released in October of 2021, has Tom Braidwood lending his voice to the lead role of Fido, a five-year-old dog who lives with his owner’s family in Chicago.