Tony Daniels Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Tony Daniels is an American screenwriter and singer. He is most popular for his performances as the father of three children. His notable credits include being the voice of Uncle Faldo in the television series Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and as Wanda in the movie The Princess and the Frog. He has also been known to provide the voices of several other characters in children’s television including: Waking School Girl in the Lion King, and T.J. in the Finding Nemo, among others.

Tony Daniels Net Worth

Tony Daniels Net Worth is $5 million

It may be of interest to you that Tony Daniels is actually a very proud Roman Catholic. He grew up attending Catholic schools and was particularly taken with the idea of becoming a priest. Today he is a devoted Spiritualist and lives as a devoted Roman Catholic. One must assume from all of this information that he is a person of great values and is a person who would make a great priest.

Tony Daniels Full Biography

Full Name Tony Daniels
Net Worth $5 million
Date of Birth January 23, 1963
Age 58 Years
Contact Number Unknown

According to Tony Daniels’ bio on the net, he is an actor with very good height, standing at just under six feet in height. He is listed as being bald however, he did have hair in this area as a child which was done professionally. His bio also lists him as being about athletic build and weight. His height and athletic ability do stand out as being pretty good.

When Tony Daniels was a child he apparently excelled in football. His playing career spanned four decades which is impressive as any kid who starled at that level should be able to achieve that. It should be noted that he did play college football at USC, but does not appear to have any professional league experience so it is doubtful that his Tony Daniels net worth claims are correct.

No one really knows what happened to Tony Daniels after his playing days. He is said to have become a drug addict, but has been sober for the past five years. The only other person known to have been associated with the late Mr. Daniels family is actress Nicole Kidman. Her son Alexander was also in the same army as Tony and is said to be related to his former life in some way. Her son now goes by Tony Daniels Jr. and is a singer and actor in his own right. His wife is Nicole Kidman’s daughter.

Tony Daniels appears to be a successful actor who has managed to balance his bank accounts with his acting ability. His Wikipedia biography states that he is married twice and is currently divorced. His other credits are television show appearances such as Wheel of Fortune and Growingry, and the musical An Officer and a Lady. His net worth will no doubt continue to increase in the coming years as he moves into the prime of his life.