Torquil Campbell Net Worth 2022-Weight, Height, Salary, Age & Biography

Torquil Campbell is an award winning, CANADA TV actor. He is best known for his role as Jim Powells in the popular TV series The Incredible Hulk (IG). Torquil Campbell biography, age, birth, height, Wiki, facts & trivia, Wikipedia, photo and movie clip info. So how old is Torquil Campbell… Who is Torquil Campbell currently dating & how much does Torquil Campbell earn?

Torquil Campbell Net Worth

Torquil Campbell Net Worth is  $1-5 Million

According to Torquil Campbell trivia, he is in his thirties while enjoying his role as Jim Powells on the hit series. Based on how many IMDB reviews you read, Torquil Campbell is also enjoying his role as a father on the sci-fi TV show, The X-Files. In 2021, Torquil Campbell was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance as Dr. David Strickler on the film adaptation of The Departed. Torquil Campbell has also received an Golden Globe nomination for his role as Dr. David Strickler in that film.

Torquil Campbell Full Biography

Full Name Torquil Campbell
Net Worth  $1-5 Million
Date of Birth March 17, 1972
Age 49 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Torquil Campbell is currently an artist, and has been for the past fifteen years. He is married three times and has three children. The most common career for a person with Torquil Campbell’s age and physical description is a singer. Torquil Campbell is best known for being a member of the country music band, The Arrogant Sons. Torquil Campbell’s birth month is also in March.

and guitar. He has played the fiddle in a couple of his solo albums and he was a founding member of the band Royal Canadian Mountedopers. Torquil Campbell’s family also consists of his wife, Leanne, and his two children, Hugo and Kaylee.

Torquil Campbell’s early life was documented in the late documentary film called Reel Kid. As he got older, it appears that he went through several transformations, going from being a shy, nerdy high school student to a popular performer. His firstborn was reported to have been very dark-skinned and he was overweight. Although he was not overweight when he began playing the electric guitar, he lost a lot of weight later on and became very thin. Torquil Campbell’s family had said in the documentary that he goes by the same shoe size as his son and his eyes are blue.

Torquil Campbell was born in Louisiana and grew up in Louisiana. He attended the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa where he played football but did not get an education in music. He is best known for his musical and political views. He was arrested and questioned for spray painting political slogans on the sidewalks in Montgomery, AL and was charged with theft and identity theft but was later found innocent.

Torquil Campbell was born in Louisiana and raised in Canada. Torquil Campbell has played a variety of instruments including the guitar, drums, piano, and trumpet. He was also a singer as well as a composer. Torquil Campbell has been nominated several times for a Canadian Music Award. Torquil Campbell’s net worth will be high among Canadian actors in the coming years due to his high popularity and good acting skills.