V Ravichandran Net Worth,-2022 Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

V Ravichandran (pronounced: “Rav-ee-an”) is a Tamil director and actor who is highly popular with both mainstream audience as well as the niche audience for independent films. He is known for his strong acting abilities, excellent visual style and for his ability to draw humor from even the most serious of topics. In fact, he has received many honors and acknowledgment for his work in the film industry. Here are some points that will elaborate about V Ravichandran’s Net worth.

First, it is important to know what V Ravichandran Net worth is. From what we have understood about him from the media, he is a successful and well-known Indian movie director and producer. His best known films are Mahesh Babu (1987), Om Shanti (1988), Satya (1990), Kaal Bhairat (1991) and Baahubali (1994). As per Wikipedia, he is a member of the Filmmaker’s Hall of Fame and is a recipient of numerous Filmfare Awards for his contributions to the field.

V Ravichandran Full biography

Full Name V Ravichandran
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Date of Birth  30 May 1961
Age 60 Years
Contact Number Unknown


Secondly, it is important to know what V Ravichandran’s biography is. As already explained above, he is a well-known and highly appreciated Indian director who has produced and directed dozens of films in India, England and other countries. In fact, his most recent films are Baahubali, Om Shanti, Satya and Kaal Bhairat. As per the profile of the biography provided by Wikipedia, he was born in Chennai in 1940 and was brought up as a daughter in a family of six by an air force officer.

The biographies provides the complete story of how V.R. came to be a successful and well-known Indian director and producer. First, it should be noted that V.R. did not receive formal training or instruction, but learned the trade on the job while working in a printing press in India and in a factory in Burma.

Then, it should be noted that V.R. started his first production company in 1969 at the age of 26 and went on to produce more than 100 films all over India and abroad. The success of his company gave him the opportunity to direct some of India’s biggest movies of the last five decades such as Dayanath’s Savitri, Prem Chopra’s Karan Ke Hindi, Manjoshya Kumar’s Baahubali and Ravi Teja Malek’s Magadheera. Although these are now well known names in the Bollywood industry, V.R. has always remained true to himself and maintained an impressive filmography throughout his career.

Another interesting aspect of V.R. is that he never acted in any of his father’s films produced by him. Although it is not stated outright, it can be assumed that he felt as if his father did not support him in any way when he began acting. It must be noted that even today, at an age where acting is much more accepted and understood in the Hollywood industry, V.R. remains true to himself and maintains the integrity of his commitment to acting and producing films even when his net worth has come down due to the failure of his ventures.