Varsha Bolamma Net Worth -2022 Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

If you are looking to invest in Lakshmi Menon’s latest film “L Lakshmi Meend,” in which he plays an aging artist, then you probably want to know how much Varsha Bolamma earns in an average scene. The character of Varsha is played by an energetic actress called Varsha Bolamma, who has a long and distinguished career in the film industry. She has played some really good characters in movies and she always manages to keep in decent shape, despite being older than her looks suggest. The character of Varsha has a son, named Ravi, who is described as the family’s director. But does this character, Ravi, actually live in his mother’s villa in Mumbai?

Well, in this film, and in several others that have been made by Shimit Amin, the actress makes it very clear that her character lives in a villa with her mother. And her mother’s Net worth is actually not bad at all! Even though she is portrayed as an older woman, who looks a bit like an old lady, she is actually a young woman who has the look of a model. So it goes without saying that when you are looking to know about the net worth of actresses in India, Varsha’s Net worth is certainly on the top of your list.

Varsha Bolamma Full biography

Full Name Varsha Bolamma
Net Worth  $1.5 Million.
Date of Birth : 30 July 1995
Age 25 Years
Contact Number Unknown


So let us get down to the specifics. As far as we can ascertain, she does have one Net worth point in the film. When Ravi is casting for a part in a movie, his mother contacts him and asks him if he wants to try out for a part in her daughter’s upcoming film. Once he does impress her, she informs her daughter that he is now eligible for a role in her movie. This is how Varsha initially lands her role as Prabhupada in the movie. It is interesting to note that in this film, Prabhupada is seen as a recluse, which to some extent is the role he plays in this film.

However, Varsha’s Net worth is more enhanced when we find out that she was previously married to SHV Manish Malhotra. She later goes on to say that she managed to get released from this marriage only after her marriage to Manish. After her release, she went on to act in films like Om Shanti Om and Priyadarshan. In fact, she was also in consideration for a role in Om Shanti Om, but was pulled ahead due to some issues regarding the film. In any case, this is how she started her career as an actress.

As we move ahead, we find that Varsha has two other films lined up – SRK Laxman and Neelkanth Sonu Nigam. Interestingly enough, both these films have been postponed till a later date (as it always seems to be in Hindi films). Interestingly enough, the delays were again because of reasons related to script formatting. SRK Laxman was scheduled to start shooting after three weeks, while Neelkanth was scheduled to start after six weeks. This shows how important Varsha Bolamma’s Net worth is. We also come to know that Sushmita Sen’s Manjishtha is basically co-producing and starring in Manjishtha, while production on Neelkanth is underway in London.

Therefore, as we can see, Varsha Bolamma Net worth is all about acting, and this is what makes her one of the most bankable actresses in Hindi cinema today. She has co-written a best selling screenplay with her husband, scriptwriting duties are shared, and she even acts in the film, which was directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. In short, we can see that Varsha is well on her way to superstardom. However, one thing is for sure, as long as her Net worth continues to rise, we can expect more bankable deals for her in the near future. In fact, it is very likely that the demand for her role as Sholana in Neelkanth, will become so high that her Net Worth will exceed the sum of Manjishtha.