Vijay Antony Net Worth,-2022 Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Tamil cinema has been gripping the imagination of the film fraternity, since its first release in Chennai in Tamil language, “Vijay”. Since then, Vijay has played a key role in innumerable other films made in Tamil, mostly in Tamil India. His name is sung by all in Tamil cinema as well.

It is true that Vijay Antony is one of the leading faces of Tamil cinema. But do not mistake his popularity for him being an actor with which to wok. His experience as a director, screenwriter and producer is also commendable. As a director, he has shown great aptitude for telling a story through the eyes of a character.

Vijay Antony Full biography

Full Name Vijay Antony
Net Worth  7.692 million
Date of Birth
44 years
Contact Number Unknown


Vijay Antony’s immense popularity stems from two sources. The first is the fact that Vijay is Tamil and that he has managed to tread over the language barrier to become a household name in Tamil. The second is the fact that he has managed to earn a very good amount of film income, even after being the highest paid actor in 2021. But one cannot ignore the fact that he has always refused to compromise on his image as an actor.

The success of Vijay Antony as a leading actor is mainly down to the script he has written for his films. His scripts have always managed to attract the audience to the cinema hall. Vijay is one of the few Tamil actors who have been able to write a script that has won him a number of Filmfare awards. Vijay has also managed to build a dedicated following among the Tamil people for his acting. He has a huge fan base who watch his films repeatedly.

Vijay has earned much success on the celluloid screen too. He has managed to set up a successful career for himself as an actor. But he has not missed out any opportunities to be an actor in the big screen. Vijay has always worked very hard to earn a number one rank in the Cannes Film Festival and the London Film Festival. This has further helped him earn a lot of money.

There is no doubt that Vijay Antony has the charm to mesmerize the people with his fine acting skills. But the question is how much does he earn as an actor? Many directors of Tamil films have expressed their astonishment upon learning about Vijay’s earnings. Some of them have even refused to work with the actor after they were told about his huge success as an actor. But the good news is that Vijay is more than just an actor; he is also a great Tamil poet.