Vikram Net Worth-2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Tamil actor Vikram Anand starred in many hit films like DIG SITO, MAHAT, RANA, etc. But what is actually his salary? His recent interviews have given the answer: not very big. However, it does not mean that he doesn’t earn enough, or that big Hollywood stars don’t earn as much as our common people. We need to know how they make their money, and what is Vikram Net worth, as a modest salary earned by an ordinary Tamil movie star is quite commendable.

It is hard to imagine that someone can be an actor and yet not earn anything substantial from movies. But this is not true. People have various kinds of jobs depending on their ability and productivity. But, in terms of cinema, these movies have some interesting statistics to tell.

VikramĀ Full biography

Full Name Vikram
Net Worth $20 million
Date of Birth 17 April 1966
Age 55Years
Contact Number Unknown


Vikram’s six films in Tamil have earned him a lot of money. He has also been paid for his contribution to the making of many movies, apart from the box office hits. But it is true that the biggest and the highest grossing film of his career were not a movie directed by him, but a Tamil film called “Kodambakkam.” Directed by Anurags Al Kumar, this Hindi movie did not even receive an English name, let alone a budget, but was made in Tamil with the same set of characters that we all know and love.

In fact, even if it were a Hindi movie, the story would have been much the same. The director would have chosen not to translate the story into Tamil, which would have been a waste of time and resources. The only reason why the story was translated was so the director could have shot better scenes, and this is not something we want. The directors must choose to work only in languages where they can earn a good living. This is what the Tamil film industry will get if the directors are not aware of this.

While we can understand how directors feel about not being appreciated, it is the directors who actually create the wealth in our society. All they have to do is produce movies, which are popular, and hope for a big percentage of the ticket sales to go their way. Tamil movies have a lot of room to earn such a percentage because of the huge fan following.

Vikram is not the only Tamil actor who is making a name for himself in Hollywood. Recent movies by an all time great like Madhubala have also made a lot of people sit up and take notice. Even mainstream actors like Ajith Kumar and Aishwarya Rai have also made it big in Hollywood. So, this is another good reason to follow an actor like Vikram.