Vikranth Net Worth-2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Vikram’s first two films where popular Tamil heroes like Adeel Chowdhry and Rajinikanth became popular worldwide were” Tamil Cinema” (with an outstanding soundtrack by composer Chamondano) and” Tamil Mass Media” (with Suraj Badhjaani). Both these films were commercial successes which propelled Vikram to a new level. In this article we will evaluate the strength and weaknesses of Vikram’s films and look into what is Vikranth Net worth?

Vikram has tried different approaches to bring out his films. Some of his directors have worked on him for the better half of his career. Like Yash Raj, he has tried to create independent films that are low budget and more honest than the mainstream movies that are produced by major studios. As a director, he has shown great potential and creativity in his movies, but have never made any hit films.

Vikranth Full biography

Full Name Vikranth
Net Worth $1 million – $9 million
Date of Birth 13-11-1984
Age 36 Years
Contact Number Unknown

So, what is Vikram’s worth as an actor? Is he good enough to earn his way into the film industry with mainstream recognition? If not, what is there in him that can earn him enough to earn a decent salary? This depends on how much appeal he has in the public. His best known roles were in mediocre movies such as “Indian School Teacher”, “Chhotelal” and “Kamal’s Wedding”.

Vikram’s appeal is perhaps derived from the Tamil word ‘Vikram’, which translates as ‘king’. The king of cinema may be a relatively new name to non- Tamil speakers, but this has not diminished his popularity amongst the Tamil people. Vikram’s best-known role was in the blockbuster film ‘Tamil cinema” where he played the leading character, Ashok Kumar.

Vikram’s star status began to increase with the release of “Mankatha” in 1980 where he had a supporting role opposite Madhubala. The film helped him gain more notice and he was nominated for the first Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. Even after becoming a superstar, he retained his popularity by making more Indian movies. In the film “Laxmi Pooja” he again played the lead role and even bagged another Oscar for his effort. “Iruvar” also went to the top of the list for the second time and Vikram was nominated for it too. There is no doubt that without the success of “Mankatha” and “Iruvar”, Vikram could have faced serious competition for the leading roles in Tamil films.

Today, Tamil cinema is immensely popular. Its story plots and acting are commendable. But, it is a different story for its box office success. Tamil cinema is yet to open its doors to foreign actors. And that is something that worries many.