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Wrester Sage is a wrestler from the state of Texas. He is known for his high speed and agility. Most often he is used as a heel in matches but can also be used as a baby and a mean position wrestler. He is now retired and works for the Johnson & Johnson company. Here is how much is Sunil Singh Net Worth?

Vince McMahon’s Net Worth Is 2.1 billion USD

Singh started training at the age of twelve, a very early age for a small kid. It was then that he decided he wanted to be a wrestling champion at the age of nineteen. After he got his first scholarship at the University of Alabama he entered the College wrestling program there and trained there for two years.

After college, he signed with the World Wrestling Federation. There he became a world heavyweight champion. After leaving the organization he made a come back to WWE where he once again was a world heavyweight champion. This time around he wanted to challenge for the WWE title. But he did not get the chance.

Eventually, he turned heel and joined the Association. This is a gimmick organization that exists only in North America. Singh has not had any significant flair outside of this organization. If you want to build up a character as a heel, you need to leave the TNA and start working on your personality as a wrestler. Most other companies are scared off by this gimmick man.

Singh was able to build up enough bling to launch him into stardom status. He went on to star in some of the biggest movie releases of the nineties including Singh is King. He also starred in a number of films including Golden Compass. Now he is retired and works from home.

So how much is Wrester Sage worth? Well, according to several sources, including many WWE analysts, he is one of the most well rounded wrestlers of all time. The man can do it all. If you have ever seen him in action, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

His physique is great. He’s not big at all but has enough bulk to take down opponents. He is extremely athletic and has performed against some of the top level guys. He’s also learned how to tap out and is extremely versatile.

Many people believe he would fare better in a WWE or ECW match since he has the ability to mix it up with big guys. He has proven he can handle smaller guys and is not afraid to take them down if he must. So much for that aerial wizard.

Some sources give him a 4.0 rating. Much of that comes from his appearance and not much from his ability. He needs to start adding some big moves to his repertoire if he ever wants to be taken seriously. Otherwise he will always be known as just “The Tower”.