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Tamil cinema is perhaps the only Hindi film industry that has managed to create a stir amongst the global film-watching public by giving every actor a free will to make whatever kind of film he wants to make. Tamil film-makers have managed to give every actor an individualistic identity. They are not following a ‘stature code’ as they are not tied to a particular nationality or religion. So, what is it that makes an average Tamil actor make his film as good as the best?

Well, one thing that most directors like in Tamil films is consistency. As the directors are mostly from the local South Indian community, they understand the mentality of people from this region very well. Therefore, the directors like to cast Tamil actors who would convey the right message to the viewers in the film.

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Full Name Vishnu Vishal
Net Worth 9.231 million
Date of Birth 17 July 1984
Age 37 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Another factor that directors like about an actor is his physique. These days, a number of Tamil cinema directors prefer to cast Tamil males for their leading characters like Ajith Kumar for the movie “Aadal”, and Mahesh Babu as Ajith in “The Robot” starring Ranbir Kapoor. It should be noted here that almost every major character in Tamil cinema is played by a male actor. So, the directors are careful to choose an actor with the right body shape. That is the reason why almost every prominent personality in the film industry is handsome.

Most directors prefer to cast Tamil girls in their movies as they understand their mentality better than males. Male performers tend to be aggressive and dominate while female actors are submissive and delicate. Most directors prefer to work with girl co-actors for their films. This helps them to understand the character of the girl more clearly and hence is able to play her better.

Directors who have worked with several actresses know that an actress can change the mood of a film in the blink of an eye. The directors will never get a chance to observe a male actress in the act unless it is a very special role. That is why Tamil film directors like to cast actresses who are not only beautiful on the silver screen but also have the heart of a human being.

There are several directors in Tamil film industry who are highly experienced and have been making films for several decades now. Most of them have already achieved considerable success in their respective careers and are well known for their script writing skills and director’s expertise. Tamil actors too have established their name and popularity all over the world. That is the reason why you will find directors’ names like Ashok Goeler, K Santomberran, Srikanth, and M.S. Pillai waiting for their film fortune.