Von Flores Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Von Flores is an award winning stand up comedian who has been known for his quick wit and ability to deliver great lines. Known for his deadpan delivery, Von Flores has appeared on screen in such films as Dumbraud, introductions to people who are suffering from cerebral palsy and as a teenager in the movie “When Harry Met Sally”. Von Flores has also had some guest spots on television, most notably as Himself in the sitcom Webster. Von Flores net worth is not something that many are sure of, but his reputation is well established. Here are some other facts about the life of Von Flores, one of the most successful stand-up comedians of our times.

Von Flores Net Worth

Von Flores Net Worth is $12 Million

Though his net worth is not clear, he is listed in the 2021 World Forbes Magazine’s wealthy list as being worth around one million dollars. This would make Von Flores the twenty-third highest paid actor of that year. Clearly a name that commands respect, Von Flores is not exactly a low income actor. Though he does not live in the United States, the bulk of his life is spent in the southern part of Canada. The birthplace of Von Flores, Frank Francisco da Silva, is a small fishing village on the eastern shores of Prince Rupert.

Von Flores Full Biography

Full Name Von Flores
Net Worth $12 Million
Date of Birth April 5, 1960
Age 61 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Frank Francisco was born in Brazil but came to live in British Columbia with his family when he was young. When he was a young boy, he worked as a hoe in his uncle’s flower shop until he was fired from that job because he was mistreated. Instead of returning home, however, he went north and worked odd jobs in Vancouver and British Columbia before finding success in what is widely considered one of the best Canadian comedy movies of all time, “Viva!”. He has since become one of the more popular performers in both the U.S. and Canada, appearing in such movies as Wayne’s World and Saturday Night Live.

Today, the most comprehensive online biographies of Von Flores reveal that he is not only an accomplished performer but also an accomplished businessman. In fact, he co-founded the Von Flores Company, which makes paper towels, cleaning supplies, and toilet tissue. It is one of Canada’s largest business endeavors and boasts a net worth of more than one million dollars.

One of the things that most people interested in knowing about Von Flores are his body measurements. Based on publicly available information about his height, it is clear that he is no taller than six feet. However, he does list a height of seven feet, which could make him either taller or shorter than most actors that we have seen. In his biography, however, Frank Francisco says that he usually wears shoes that are a couple inches smaller than what his shoes wear. These shoes may explain his consistently great body dimensions, and therefore the high net worth.

Though the exact origin of Von Flores’ title is not known, there is speculation that he got the name of his company from two Spanish words: manuel and malabon. Both words mean man, and are words commonly found together, such as “manuel” and “malabon,” which means hand. However, neither the word nor the phrase itself points directly to Von Flores, nor do the numbers that are found in the family’s bio indicate any type of a familial relationship. The Malabon family, who currently resides in Costa Rica, also have a son named Mario.